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Treasury releases 22 new FATCA IGAs

Posted by William Byrnes on April 3, 2014

Treasury released 22 new IGAs the past week and yesterday, April 2.  Hionduras and Luxembourg both have Model 1 IGAs that are now in effect.  The other 20 countries and jurisdictions include signed but not yet in effect Model 1 IGA, except for Austria which has signed a Model 2 that has not yet entered into effect.  See below.

The following jurisdictions are treated as having an intergovernmental agreement in effect:

Jurisdictions that have signed agreements:

Model 1 IGA

Model 2 IGA

all NEW —> Jurisdictions that have reached agreements in substance and have consented to being included on this list (beginning on the date indicated in parethesis):

Model 1 IGA

  • Australia (4-2-2014)
  • Belgium (4-2-2014)
  • Brazil (4-2-2014)
  • British Virgin Islands (4-2-2014)
  • Czech Republic (4-2-2014)
  • Gibraltar (4-2-2014)
  • Jamaica (4-2-2014)
  • Kosovo (4-2-2014)
  • Latvia (4-2-2014)
  • Liechtenstein (4-2-2014)
  • Lithuania (4-2-2014)
  • New Zealand (4-2-2014)
  • Poland (4-2-2014)
  • Portugal (4-2-2014)
  • Qatar (4-2-2014)
  • Slovenia (4-2-2014)
  • South Africa (4-2-2014)
  • South Korea (4-2-2014)
  • Romania (4-2-2014)

Model 2 IGA

  • Austria (4-2-2014)

3 Responses to “Treasury releases 22 new FATCA IGAs”

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  2. […] “Some FFIs”, reported the IRS, “…expect to be reporting Model 1 FFIs … are concerned about missing the April 25 deadline in case the relevant IGA is not in fact signed, and therefore treated as being in effect, by July 1.”  Treasury has signed IGAs with 26 jurisdictions and has reached agreements in substance with 20 more that have been published, and is in advanced discussions with many others.  Treasury and the IRS have on April 2, 2014 issued Announcement 2014-17 to provide some level of comfort to FFIs in such jurisdictions that already have reached an IGA in substance and to USWAs paying agents.  See https://profwilliambyrnes.com/2014/04/03/treasury-releases-22-new-fatca-igas/ […]


  3. […] Treasury releases 22 new FATCA IGAs […]


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