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Recent STOLI Case Is a Big Win for Insurers

Posted by William Byrnes on October 3, 2010

An insurer recently won a major victory when the U.S. District Court for Delaware voided a life insurance policy that was purchased as part of a STOLI transaction. The case—Principal Life Insurance Co. v. Lawrence Rucker 2007 Insurance Trust—is significant because the court voided the policy for lack of an insurable interest based on the finding of insured’s intent to sell, even though the insured had not identified a particular purchaser for the policy at the time it was issued.

For the complete analysis of this development by our Experts Robert Bloink and William Byrnes, please read the article via your AdvisorFX subscription atRecent STOLI Case Is a Big Win for Insurers

For in-depth analysis of STOLIs, see Advisor’s Main Library Section 19.6 Life Settlements B—The Life Settlement Industry: Stranger-Originated Life Insurance (STOLI).

For in-depth analysis of the topic of insurable interest, see Advisor’s Main Library Section 20 Beneficiaries And Settlement Options B—Insurable Interest: New York Insurance Department Invalidates STOLI Scheme For Lack of Insurable Interest

After reading the analysis, we invite your questions and comments by posting them below, or by calling the Panel of Experts.

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