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Texas A&M Summer Int’l Tax courses: FATCA, CRS, and AoEI/CbCR; U.S. International Tax Law Risk (May 23 – July 10, 2022)

Posted by William Byrnes on February 9, 2021

Based on weekly case studies created by the faculty, supported by reading/text materials, pre-recorded videos with PPTs, and audio podcast files made by the faculty – twice-weekly Zoom live sessions (recorded for persons who cannot attend) of 90 – 120 minutes wherein students in teams work through the case studies generally from an assigned stakeholder perspective. Access to the extensive Texas A&M library for case study research includes by example: Lexis, Westlaw, IBFD, Kluwer-Cheetah, Bloomberg, Thomson OneSource, BvD (Moodys), S&P CapIQ, FITCH, among many others. Apply for Texas A&M’s courses here.

FATCA, CRS, and AEoI (global focus):

Week 1. May 23 Dr. Bruno Da Silva (Asian Development Bank) dasilva.brunoaniceto@gmail.com.

Week 2. May 30 FATCA/CRS and the Asset Management Industry, intermediaries: Denise Hintzke (Deloitte) dhintzke@deloitte.com

Week 3. June 6: FATCA Withholding Compliance, overlap with QI: Denise Hintzke (Deloitte)

Week 4. June 13: Denise Hintzke (Deloitte)

Week 5. June 20: Bruno da Silva

Week 6. June 27: Bruno da Silva

Capstone through July 10

International Tax Risk Management I (U.S. focused Law & Policy) Melissa Muhammad (IRS LB&I) melissamuhammadesq@gmail.com

Week 1 May 23 Outbound Branches

Week 2 May 30 FTCs

Week 3 June 6 CFCs

Week 4 June 13 Interest, thin cap, Debt/Equity

Week 5 June 20 BEAT / FDII

Week 6 June 27 IGAs (other treaty issues)

Capstone through July 10

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