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Posted by William Byrnes on October 14, 2010

By Associate Dean William H. Byrnes, IV and Professor Hannah Bible of the of the International Tax and Financial Services Graduate Program of Thomas Jefferson School of Law


On January 1, 2012 Mr. Irk pulls up to his local McDonalds drive thru in his new hydro car, being the general public conscious man he is.

Id like a Big Mac, a small order of fries, and a signed 1099 Form on the side please. With speaker hiss overshadowing, a voice responds, OK thats a Big Mac, a small fry, and a fried small apple pie. No, Mr. Irk responds, a signed 1099 form. Again barely understandable over the hiss of the speaker, eh, so you want four fried small apple pies? Mr. Irk, living up to his namesake, responds no no, not four, form.

Sir, I aint got no idea what you talkin bout. Clearly the local McDonalds counsel did not advise his client on the most recent changes in tax law.

Unless the Treasury takes great prerogative and creativity in the writing of regulations applicable to the recent Amendments set out in I.R.C. 6041, throughout 2011 attorneys and consultants should be preparing clients on how to comply with the new reporting requirements.

Starting in 2012 all gross proceeds,  in addition to the previously required gains, profits, and income currently required to be reported, will need to be reported to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on Form 1099-MISC (or an applicable 1099 form within the 1099 series) from any amount received in consideration of …. Thus, starting January 1, sales of tangible goods will now require reporting by the purchaser.

Please read this 10 page detailed analysis of how to advise your clients and practice advice at Mertens Developments & Highlights via your Westlaw subscription (<– click there) or order via Thomson-West (<– click there).

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