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Use Charitable Giving to Enhance Family Business Succession Planning

Posted by William Byrnes on October 28, 2010

Life insurance is often the cornerstone of an estate plan when a family business is involved.  As a follow-up to the article on supporting a surviving second spouse without liquidating the family business, this article describes a technique that introduces a charitable giving component into family business succession planning.

Consider the following scenario:

Your client Jonathan has two primary legacy planning objectives. Foremost is his desire to ensure a smooth transfer of the family business to his daughter, Eva. Jonathan also wants to make a sizeable lifetime gift to his favorite charity and provide a retirement nest egg for his wife.

For prior Advisor’s Journal coverage of family business succession planning using life insurance, see Supporting a Surviving Second Spouse without Liquidating the Family Business (CC 10-53).

See the AUS Main Libraries, Section 9 C2—The Law Of Wills, for a discussion of a spouse’s right to elect against the will.

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