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How Many Basis Points Is the Competition Charging for Advisory Services?

Posted by William Byrnes on August 5, 2011

A recent study has blasted the popular belief that lowering your rate will increase your volume of clients. Likely surprising to most, the truth is that lowering your rates could backfire and decrease your attractiveness to potential clients.

PriceMetrix, Inc., a software firm, published the study, which focused on the needs of wealth management firms and their advisors. They considered data from 380 million transactions conducted between 2007 and 2010. Included in the data pool were 1 million fee-based accounts and 4 million transactional accounts totaling over $850 billion in investment assets.

The results of the study show that advisors are miscalculating the appropriate value of their services—and losing money in the process— averaging $20,000 in lost fees.

Read this complete analysis of the impact at AdvisorFX (sign up for a free trial subscription with full access to all of the planning libraries and client presentations if you are not already a subscriber).

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