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Advisors are from Mars, Clients are from Venus

Posted by William Byrnes on January 3, 2012

You’ve been on a few “dates,” and you talk on the phone every couple weeks, but how well do your prospects and existing clients know you and understand your core personal investing philosophy? Small talk breaks down barriers and common interests keep the conversation moving, but taking the advisor-client relationship to the next level takes some work—and a lot of research. A recent survey gives us a head start by elucidating the communication divide that holds many advisors back from taking the big plunge with their prospects.

The survey found that HNW clients favor electronic communication media more than their advisors. Twice as many millionaires than advisors would like to use technology-enabled media—smart phone applications and social media. While 85% of millionaires are willing to communicate through social-media, e-mail, and text messages, only 43% of brokers and financial advisors share that willingness. And your millionaire clients are also more likely to use LinkedIn than you are (28% to 16%). And a third of millionaires already use social media in general as part of their professional life.

Read this complete analysis of the impact at AdvisorFX (sign up for a free trial subscription with full access to all the planning libraries and client presentations if you are not already a subscriber).

For other client development discussions in Advisor’s Journal, see Advisors’ Stairsteps of Influence (CC 11-49), Getting Your Feet Wet in the Social Media Market (CC 11-79) & Are Portfolios-To-Go Threatening Your Business? (CC 11-77).

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