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States Competing for Captives Insurance Business

Posted by William Byrnes on March 19, 2012

Looking to recapture its competitiveness in the domestic captive insurance business, Nevada passed Assembly Bill 74 (AB 74), which amends the state’s captive insurance law. Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval recently praised the amendment, saying it that “will make Nevada a more attractive place to do business for captive insurers.”

Generally, a captive insurance company forms as a subsidiary of a company to cover the risks of the parent company and its other subsidiaries. A captive insurance company typically does not insure risks of unrelated third parties—although some will insure their customers’ risks. Other captive insurers assume the risks of members of a trade association or group.

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For previous coverage of the application of the Health Care law to captive provided health insurance, see Tax Facts, see 252. What nondiscrimination requirements apply to employer provided health benefits?.

Questions about Captives? Contact our Panel of Experts. Benjamin Terner is our “Captive Expert” and can answer your questions relating to domestic and offshore arrangements

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