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Sales Essentials: Prospecting and Referrals on Wednesday March 5

Posted by William Byrnes on February 27, 2014

Byrnes book on ProspectingOn Wednesday March 5 (Prof. Robert Bloink) and on Wednesday April 2 (Assoc. Dean William Byrnes) are presenting on 2 soft skills topics about obtaining and maintaining clients.  March 5 will focus on lead development (see below).  April 2 will focus on client cloning, including: asking intriguing questions, C2C qualified introductionsrepeating your successful  formulae and finally, client crowd sourcing.

The webinars, kindly sponsored (thus no cost to attendees) by our friends at Advisys and its Back Room Technician platform, are based on the content from our newly released book in the National Underwriter Sales Essentials series: http://www.nationalunderwriter.com/national-underwriter-sales-essentials-life-health-prospecting-1.html (National Underwriter Sales Essentials: Prospecting)

Complicated products and financial strategies make the need for intelligent financial guidance more important than ever before. However, providing effective guidance is now more time consuming than ever. You must be both knowledgeable and service oriented to advise clients successfully. 

Wednesday, March 5th at
11:00 AM ET / 10:00 AM CT / 8:00 AM PT

“Sales Essentials: Prospecting and Referrals”  Enroll now >>

Robert is co-author of The National Underwriter Company’s soon to be published book, Sales Essentials: Prospecting, along with William H. Byrnes, Esq., LL.M, CWM. In the past five years, Robert worked to put in force in excess of $2 billion of death benefit for insurance industry producers. His financial products practice incorporates sophisticated wealth transfer techniques as well as counseling institutions about their insurance portfolios. He is a professor of tax for the Graduate Program of International Tax and Financial Services, Thomas Jefferson School of Law.
Robert joins us through special arrangements with the National Underwriter Company, the industry’s leading publisher of expert authored reference materials
for insurance, tax and financial planning professionals.

A few of the important topics we’ll cover include:

  • Phases of relationship building to cultivate a web of clients and referrals.
  • In-person networking: cultivating prospects and referrals through meetings at local events.
  • How to build relationships by adding value to the prospect’s business in the initial stages of the relationship.
  • The importance of focusing on the prospect and leaving detailed discussions of the financial professional’s business goals for later.
  • How to recognize when it’s time to close the deal. (Hint: when the prospect or referral knows, likes and trusts the advisor.)

Register Now – Click Here

This 45-minute webinar will be loaded with content and suggestions that can be used immediately with your next customer appointment or prospect. Learn the best practices of today’s top producers and advisors. Create success with a small-time commitment.

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