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3 new IGAs in effect – FATCA IGA update

Posted by William Byrnes on April 23, 2014

67 days remain until the July 1st deadline that FATCA’s 30% withholding applies to payments from US sources.  But with less than 2 weeks, the crunch time is on for foreign financial institutions (FFIs) to register by May 5 with the IRS to obtain a GIIN and to be included on the IRS’ list of participating FFIs in order to avoid the attracting the 30% withholding by US withholding agents.

51 IGAs are now to be treated in effect, including 26 that have been signed and 25 that are agreed (but not yet officially signed).  The 3 newly added IGAs in the past two weeks include Bahamas, India and Slovak Republic.  FFIs in these IGA jurisdictions have an extension to register with the IRS before December 22, 2014 to obtain their GIINs.

The following jurisdictions are treated as having a FATCA intergovernmental agreement (IGA) in effect:

Jurisdictions that have reached agreements in substance and have consented to being included on this list (beginning on the date indicated in parenthesis):

Model 1 IGA = 24

  1. Australia (4-2-2014)
  2. Bahamas (4-17-2014) <— new
  3. Belgium (4-2-2014)
  4. Brazil (4-2-2014)
  5. British Virgin Islands (4-2-2014)
  6. Croatia (4-2-2014)
  7. Czech Republic (4-2-2014)
  8. Estonia (4-3-2014)
  9. Gibraltar (4-2-2014)
  10. India (4-11-2014) < — new
  11. Jamaica (4-2-2014)
  12. Kosovo (4-2-2014)
  13. Latvia (4-2-2014)
  14. Liechtenstein (4-2-2014)
  15. Lithuania (4-2-2014)
  16. New Zealand (4-2-2014)
  17. Poland (4-2-2014)
  18. Portugal (4-2-2014)
  19. Qatar (4-2-2014)
  20. Slovak Republic (4-11-2014) < — new
  21. Slovenia (4-2-2014)
  22. South Africa (4-2-2014)
  23. South Korea (4-2-2014)
  24. Romania (4-2-2014)

Model 2 IGA = 1

  1. Austria (4-2-2014)

Jurisdictions that have signed agreements:


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