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11 health insurance tax facts a taxpayer needs to know about

Posted by William Byrnes on June 24, 2014

Employers and those who advise them may have questions about what expenses qualify for deductions, which tax credits they can take advantage of, and what the new rules mean for grandfathered plans. Individuals may be wondering how HSA distributions are taxed, or whether benefits received under a personal health insurance policy are taxable. 

1. Are premiums paid for personal health insurance deductible as medical expenses?

2. May an employer deduct as a business expense the cost of premiums paid for accident and health insurance for employees?

3. What credit is available for small employers for employee health insurance expenses?

4. Are benefits received under a personal health insurance policy taxable income?

5. How is employer-provided disability income coverage taxed?

6. How is personal disability income coverage taxed?

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