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Barrie McKenna, “PwC suggests a check to see if you are an ‘accidental American’” #GATCA

Posted by William Byrnes on July 30, 2014

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Barrie McKenna, Globe & Mail 30 July 2014, p. B3 http://bit.ly/1tus1jA “A leading accounting firm is taking the unusual step of urging Canadians to double-check their citizenship status, warning there may still be thousands of accidental Americans in Canada oblivious to their U.S. tax obligations.” Only three comments so far. I made a comment, calling […]

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One Response to “Barrie McKenna, “PwC suggests a check to see if you are an ‘accidental American’” #GATCA”

  1. Just Me said

    and so does Rick Mercer is this clever video… 🙂


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