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An opinion from Haydon Perryman – War and Taxes

Posted by William Byrnes on August 3, 2014

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An opinion – War and Tax

Without tax you can not have war. War is expensive. War is a rich country’s game.

As long as we deny developing nations the means to retain their own money by ignoring the systematic theft of their resources by corrupt leaders who misappropriate nation’s money to themselves and conceal their theft in offshore accounts, we also deny them the means to defend themselves and improve their lot. In the meantime, we, in developed countries, hear the urgent pleas for help from developing countries and answer them as soon as we want to (if indeed we want to help at all).

Of course, that is all rubbish right? Developing countries have proved their ability to fight amongst themselves just as much as have developed countries. But that is no problem because we in developed counties facilitate capital flight away from developing countries, thus keeping them…

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