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Highly Recommended Persuasion/Soft Skills Training

Posted by William Byrnes on November 5, 2014

My long time friend and colleague, Ross Jeffries is holding a soft skills/persuasion training in Los Angeles, January 23, 24 and 25th that I urge you to attend.

I first met Ross over 7 years ago; I had heard his name mentioned in many events on the subject and had a look at this work.  I was so impressed I actually went to the effort of paying for an event where he was guest speaking, just so I could meet him.  I can say this without hesitation: he knows more about persuasion and how language can move people’s emotions, decisions and actions that anyone else I have ever met.

As you know, getting your message across(whether in print or in person) and changing minds is a major and important part of a career in law, especially if your focus is business.

If you are a student and want to enroll, or just find out more, go here:  http://www.persuasionmastercamp.com/tjstudent/ Student enrollment is limited to 10 people.

If you are an alumni, go here: http://www.persuasionmastercamp.com. Use the code JEFFERSON and receive a 20% discount on the event.  Room seating is limited to 100 people, and his trainings are quite interactive.

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