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Analysis of FATCA GIIN List (of November 1st)

Posted by William Byrnes on November 7, 2014

Hello Lexis FATCA / International Tax Subscribers,
I am just one weekend away from completing the 3rd edition of Lexis’ Guide to FATCA Compliance.  Deep into my analysis of these challenging issues, editing, cross-referencing, and amalgamation ofd27f6-6a00d8341bfae553ef01b7c6eb77bd970b-pi over 70 expert contributors analysis and perspectives (including Haydon Perryman).  All the FATCA activity this year has spawned 54 chapters of over 1,000 of legal, operational and compliance analysis.  I hope that I have been as pedantic as the previous years with catching every typo, cross reference link, footnote citation, and consistent style / grammar / punctuation.

Last month, the GIIN list included 104,344, a jump from the September list of 5,000 from 99,861 FFIs (mind you that a substantial number of these registrations are not unique, but instead represent affiliates within EAGs) – see our previous analysis links below.  It is now November.  The UK self-imposed (yet ignored) deadline to GIIN register passed October 25th.

So what happened?  read on at http://lawprofessors.typepad.com/intfinlaw/2014/11/novembers-published-fatca-giin-list-analysis.html

remember to download for free –> LexisNexis® Guide to FATCA Compliance

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