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FATCA GIIN January 2015 FFI Registration Analysis … by the numbers

Posted by William Byrnes on January 5, 2015

d27f6-6a00d8341bfae553ef01b7c6eb77bd970b-piThe IRS published its first FATCA GIIN list of 2015 (on New Years Day!) a list of “approved FFIs” i.e. a list of those who have registered on the IRS FATCA portal by December 23, 2014.  FATCA’s 30% withholding regime on “withholdable payments” for non-IGA countries has applied since July 1, 2014.  But since New Years Day this FATCA (Chapter 4) withholding also applies to IGA countries’ FFIs that do not supply a GIIN upon the proper W8 (or ‘equivalent’) certification documentation.

read the full analysis of the numbers at International Financial Law Prof Blog:


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