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Comparison of NAFTA, BRIC, EU and Caribbean of the 8 FATCA GIIN Lists (June 2014 -> January 2015)

Posted by William Byrnes on January 12, 2015

see the full analysis at International Financial Law Prof Blog excerpted below.

Caribbean and Atlantic Financial Centers Registrations

The Cayman Islands remain the global FATCA compliance registration leader with 27,011 FFIs, almost 7,000 more compliant FFIs than the UK.  The June GIIN list included 1,837 BVI FFI registrations, now at 4,653.  Bahamas has increased from 610 to 882, Bermuda 1,242 to 1,824 and Panama 450 to 773.  …

By the way, the 3rd edition of my Lexis Guide to FATCA Compliance will be out soon with substantial more analysis – 1,200 pages over 54 chapters.  Over 50 FATCA compliance experts from tier 1 institutions, former government officials, and professional firms have contributed to create this detailed and robust guide, filled with numerous practical examples and several chapters written specifically for the non-legal, compliance operations officer.  No filler pages of publicly available documents and regurgitated regulations – it’s all beef.  See the Lexis website to order a copy of this 3rd edition.


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