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Welcome this week from University of Amsterdam Centre for Tax Law

Posted by William Byrnes on January 19, 2015

Logo_uva1 Welcome from Amsterdam !  Each year the Amsterdam Centre for Tax Law (of the University of Amsterdam Law Faculty) organizes its Winter Course on International Tax Law.

This year theme is “Tax treaty application“.  The Winter Course on International Tax Law focuses on the practical problems of tax treaty application. It aims at bringing the participants’ knowledge up-to-date with recent OECD developments, major issues on tax treaty interpretation, as well as relevant case-law on tax treaties around the world.

Prof. Dennis Weber, Director of the ACTL,  has assembled a leading program faculty including Prof. Peter Watel(UvA) (who lectured me at a UvA tax student 23 year ago); Prof. Hein Vermeulen (UvA/PwC);  Prof. Stef van Weeghel (UvA/PwC); Prof. Bruno De Silva (UvA); Prof. Otto Marres (UvA/KPMG); Prof. Joanna Wheeler(IBFD/UvA); Jasper Arendse (Directorate of International Affairs Dutch Ministry of Finance); Melinda Brown (OECD); and myself, Prof. William Byrnes.

My topic examines the protocols, mechanisms and expanding scope of information exchange via bilateral and multilateral agreements.  FATCA, OECD CRS and Global Initiatives, EU Expanded Savings Directive EOI, TIEAs fall within this topic, as well as tax certification forms and validation, data collection, discernment and distribution.

The Amsterdam Centre for Tax Law (ACTL) is the tax law research centre of the University of Amsterdam. ACTL members conduct research into various subjects of tax law, with a strong emphasis on Corporate Taxation, International Tax Law and European Tax Law.

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