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Distance Learning for Legal Education March 12-14 (Thursday – Saturday) in San Fran

Posted by William Byrnes on March 4, 2015

Register without delay (and without cost) for the Distance Learning for Legal Education workgroup next week (March 12-14, Thursday – Saturday) in exciting San Fran.

Ashley Dymond (Hastings) and Gary Heald (Georgetown) have accomplished an extraordinary job of designing the agenda, graciously hosted by Hastings College of Law in San Fran.  This is the Work Group’s 8th gathering as a distinct workgroup since 2011, and 14th including 2010’s Future Eds and AALS.

Why should a Dean approve a travel budget for this workgroup?  The American Bar Association initially acquiesced to an online LL.M. in 1998.  Yet, it is since the initial inception of the Work Group in 2010 that most of the 47 LL.M.s offered online by 29 ABA full approved law schools have been founded.  As of 2015, a majority of ABA law schools offer the opportunity for an online academic experience for J.D. students.  One ABA law school has received a variance to offer a hybrid, partially residential / partially online, JD.

Who attends?  Deans, Administrators, and Faculty from at least 83 ABA law schools and other stakeholders, such as foreign and U.S. academic institutions, publishers, and technology companies, have attended.  Normally between 50 – 75 per workshop, and 100 for the AALS breakfasts.

What is the deliverable for a Dean?  Guaranteed, collaborative engagement in discussions, writing, and editing that create the attached Work Group’s recommendations.  These best practice recommendations have been designed to adoptable by institutions and stakeholders through their adaptability and will form a component of a Distance Education policy. Everyone becomes a contributor, hence the name “work group”.  Attendees become the leader of the distance education pedagogical and policy discussions at home institutions.

There is no fee – but the host Hastings needs an RSVP for food and beverage.  Thus, please register by Thursday March 5th for the headcount – everything you need to know about location, transportation, accommodation is on the website.

Effectiveness of Distance Learning for Legal Educationhttp://ssrn.com/author=339796 

Much obliged for you to share this workshop with your colleagues – William Byrnes

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