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Posted by William Byrnes on April 16, 2015

Former New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s Headaches Mount as Son-in-Law Indicted in Ponzi Scheme

Marcello Trebitsch, son-in-law of former New York Assembly speaker Sheldon Silver, was arrested on wire fraud and securities charges stemming from his alleged scheme to defraud multiple investors of approximately $7 million through a fraudulent investment scheme that he allegedly perpetrated for at least five years.
The Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy B: Risk Limits and Stress Tests

Investment banks are in the business of taking calculated risks. Risk management infrastructure facilitates the safe pursuit of profits and the balancing of associated risks.

Will You Buy Fannie Mae’s Non-Performing Mortgages?

Fannie Mae Wednesday began marketing its first bulk-sale of non-performing loans (NPLs). The pool of approximately 3,200 loans totaling $786 million in unpaid principal balance is available for purchase by qualified bidders. This sale of NPLs is being marketed in…
The Prudent Investor Rule and Market Risk: An Empirical Analysis

The prudent investor rule, enacted in every state over the last 30 years, is the centerpiece of fiduciary investment law. Repudiating the prior law‘s emphasis on avoiding risk, the rule reorients fiduciary investment toward risk management in accordance with modern…
HSBC faces French criminal tax probe

HSBC says it has been placed under formal criminal investigation by French magistrates over alleged past tax-related offences at its Swiss private bank.

Brazilian Fraud is Bigger? Brazilian Ministry of Finance‘s Tax Fraud for Bribes Or Petrobras’ Contract Skims?

The answer is – it’s a close call. Both will probably, at the current very weak exchange rate, come in around US$6 billion (20 billion reais). Reuters reports that the tax fraud at the Ministry of Finance may be worth…
Organized Cybercrime Ring Member Sentenced to 150 Months in Prison for Selling Stolen and Counterfeit Credit Cards

Jermaine Smith, aka “SirCharlie57,” aka “Fairbusinessman,”, of the identity theft and credit card fraud ring known as “Carder.su” was sentenced today to 150 months in federal prison for selling stolen and counterfeit credit cards over the Internet. He was further ordered to pay $50.8 million in restitution.
Texas A&M Hires Nine Highly Published Law Faculty

Texas A&M announced the addition of nine new faculty beginning in the fall of 2015. “Hiring these new faculty is part of our effort to reduce our student-faculty ratio, which will improve the quality of your classroom experience. ” states…

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  1. Ronique Breaux Jordan said

    Is the CFPB looking at NPL’s? This seems like “derivatives gone wild”


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