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Texas A&M Soars to #4 for Public University Rankings

Posted by William Byrnes on July 25, 2016

The 2016 rankings have been released and Texas A&M University has soared to rank #4 money-logoamong all public universities in Money magazine’s new “Best Colleges For Your Money” report.

The top five ranked public universties in the USA are:

#1 University of Michigan

#2 University of California, Berkeley

# 3 University of Virginia

#4 Texas A&M University

#5 University of California, San Diego

Moreover, Money reported that Texas A&M University ranked #3 for number of Fortune 500 CEOs.  #1 Harvard, #2 Cornell and #3 Texas A&M University.

For this year’s “Best Colleges For Your Money” list, Money ranked 705 schools on 24 factors. Rating factors included graduation rates, alumni success, how much recent graduates earn, cost of education, and it began to incorporate data from the federal government’s College Scorecard.

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