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Lexis Advance® Tax Platform Includes Treatise Library Analyzing Management of Operational and Transactional Tax Risk

Posted by William Byrnes on August 9, 2016

The LexisNexis online tax research platform, Lexis Advance Tax (“L.A. Tax”), available to law school faculty and students, includes a rich, comprehensive package of over 1400 sources, including tax news, primary law, journals, and nearly 300 treatises, practice guides and forms products for federal tax, international tax, estates practice and SALT.

The L.A. Tax platform contains three subpages devoted to federal tax, SALT and U.S. 01701_11_1_coverInternational tax. Advisors will discover a rich selection of Lexis titles examining hot, cutting-edge issues: Practical Guide to U.S. Transfer Pricing; Lexis Guide to FATCA Compliance; Money Laundering Compliance; Taxation of Intellectual Property and Technology; Taxation of Oil & Gas Transactions; and Foreign Tax & Trade Briefs, which provides summaries of the tax laws and systems of over 120 countries.

Eight treatises are authored or co-authored by Professor William H. Byrnes (Texas A&M University Law School’s Risk Management concentration) who leads teams of contributing subject experts in analyzing the management of operational and transactional risk confronting tax officers and their advisors, and providing compliance and planning insights. For 2016, Texas A&M University is ranked 4th best public university by Money magazine. See https://law.tamu.edu/

The L.A. Tax package also includes all products from Tax Analysts, Inc., the VA-based tax news organization that publishes such dailies as Tax Notes Today, State Tax Today and Worldwide Tax Daily – all three considered “must reads” by serious tax advisors. Tax Analysts also publishes three companion weekly journals tied to the dailies.
Looking for Lexis Advance Tax?: Sign in at www.lexisadvance.com and look for the scroll-down menu called “Lexis Advance Research” in the upper left-hand corner. Click on the down arrow and select Lexis Advance Tax.

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