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Are FLP Discounts Back?

Posted by fhalestewart on October 23, 2017

From Wealthmanagement.com

In a report issued on Oct. 2, 2017, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin recommended that the proposed Internal Revenue Code Section 2704 regulations be withdrawn. Those regs would have restricted the use of partnerships and other entities to generate valuation discounts. The Internal Revenue Service had released a proposal in August 2016 in an attempt to limit what it perceived as an erosion of the applicability of Section 2704 and the creation of artificial valuation discounts. A hearing was held on on Dec. 1, 2016. Almost 30,000 formal comments were submitted to the Treasury.

The report states: “Treasury and the IRS now believe that the proposed regulations’ approach to the problem of artificial valuation discounts is unworkable…. The proposed regulations could have affected valuation discounts even where discount factors, such as lack of control or lack of a market, were not created artificially as a value-depressing device.” It goes on to say that: “Treasury and the IRS plan to publish a withdrawal of the proposed regulations shortly in the Federal Register.”

In 1998, the IRS issued a series of TAMs that outlined several fact patterns the Service believed were suspect.  They then began attacking various FLP structures, winning a fair number of cases.  But at some point, enough case law developed to show practitioners what not to do.  Once jurisprudence weeded out the bad patterns, FLP discounts continued anew.

Last year, the Treasury issued revised valuation rules, essentially gutting FLPs.  But now it appears the Treasury is reversing its stance.  But before moving forward, I’d wait until we see the new regulations published.


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