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Covid-19 Stimulus: Are Tax Credits or SBA Loan Forgiveness Better for a Small Business After IRS Denies Tax Deductions If Loan Forgiven (Notice 2020-32)?

Posted by William Byrnes on May 3, 2020


Professor William Byrnes of Texas A&M’s School of Law discusses the IRS’ Notice 2020-32 (issued April 30, 2020) denying tax deductions for payroll and other operational expenses for small business owners that take advantage of the tax-free loan forgiveness program (PPP) of the SBA. William Byrnes then presents an example when a small business may be better off using the combined Employee Retention Tax Credit (CARES Act), the Families First Act Tax Credit, and the deferral of payment of payroll tax instead of the SBA loan forgiveness.

See my article below this post for additional analysis: The IRS Just Issued Notice Denying Deductions for PPP Loan Forgiveness and Its Dead Wrong

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