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Byrnes & Bloink’s TaxFacts Intelligence Weekly (Monday July 12, 2020)

Posted by William Byrnes on July 12, 2020

Texas A&M University School of Law has launched its online international tax risk management graduate curricula for industry professionals.  Apply now for courses that begin August 23: International Tax Risk Management, Data, and Analytics; International Tax & Tax Treaties (complete list here

Texas A&M University is a public university, ranked in the top 20 universities by the Wall Street Journal / Times Higher Education university rankings, and is ranked 1st among public universities for its superior education at an affordable cost (Fiske, 2018) and ranked 1st of Texas public universities for best value (Money, 2018).


Prof. William H. Byrnes
        Robert Bloink, J.D., LL.M.

This week we analyze the DOL’s new prohibited transactions exemption for fiduciaries, the DOL’s clarification of which parents are eligible for the FFCRA during the summer school recess when children are normally at home, and Congress’ new exemption for PPP Loan Forgiveness.

DOL Unveils New Prohibited Transaction Exemption (PTE) for Fiduciaries

The DOL has released its long-awaited follow-up to the 5th Circuit’s vacation of its 2016 fiduciary rule. The DOL proposed a new class exemption that grants relief for financial advisors and institutions who provide investment advice (including retirement-related advice) if the terms of the PTE are satisfied. Generally, fiduciaries who receive certain forms of commission with respect to investment advice can run afoul of the prohibited transaction rules unless an exemption applies. For more information on the new exemption, visit Tax Facts Online. Read More

DOL Clarifies FFCRA Eligibility for Parents Who Lack Summer Childcare

FFCRA leave is generally available to parents who cannot work because of childcare needs when the child’s usual place of care or school is closed or unavailable due to COVID-19. Now that schools are closed for summer, many have questioned their eligibility based on cancellations for summer camps, summer enrichment programs or other childcare alternatives. The DOL has clarified its original guidance to provide that an employee’s mere interest in a summer program that was cancelled is insufficient to establish FFCRA eligibility. For more information, visit Tax Facts Online. Read More

Congress Creates New Exemption to Preserve PPP Loan Forgiveness

PPPFA created an exemption to preserve loan forgiveness eligibility in the face of the reality that some employees may not be available or willing to return to work. Employers will not be subject to a proportionate reduction in loan forgiveness based on reductions that occur under either of two scenarios during February 15, 2020 and December 31, 2020. For more information, visit Tax Facts Online. Read More


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