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10 reasons to apply for Texas A&M International Tax Risk Management

Posted by William Byrnes on July 16, 2020

— request a brochure https://info.law.tamu.edu/international-tax  

  1. International Tax courses are limited to 15 students. Many have 9 – 12 for maximum interaction with the professors and each other in real-time Zoom discussions. No one is ‘left out’. Everyone has a substantial weekly learning experience.
  2. Courses meet twice weekly on Zoom for 90 minutes (or more) to discuss the case study and the weekly issues, and then students in teams (generally of three) roll play the case study representing a stakeholder interest assigned by the professor/s in the second meeting, ending with a recap discussion of the case study. See an example weekly case study moot on YouTube 
  3. Courses include bespoke authored textbooks and study materials and original case studies by the faculty.
  4. Courses include bespoke authored weekly video-lectures and/or audio podcasts by the faculty.
  5. All students have access to Lexis, Westlaw, Bloomberg LawCheetah (formerly Kluwer-CCH), IBFDTax AnalystsS&PBvD-MoodysThomsonOECD Library, and hundreds of other information resource providers (check out our university virtual libraries here and here)
  6. Degree options for all tax professionals — lawyers (Master of Laws, LL.M.) and accountants, economists, financial professionals (Master of Jurisprudence, M.Jur.)
  7. The founder Professor William Byrnes is the pioneer of Online Learning for Legal Education, having initiated the original version of this program in 1994 (see his LinkedIn Group of 27,000+ member network of former students, book subscribers, webinar attendees, and career contacts).
  8. The founder Professor William Byrnes is a leading international tax author with 10 annual treatises published by Lexis and Wolters Kluwer, and three Tax Facts titles by National Underwriter. See his list of publications and over 1,100 media tax articles here.
  9. Join the Texas A&M Aggie former student network of 500,000+ to open career and social doors (and watch Saturday SEC football games) with Aggie Clubs throughout 100 countries in major cities.
  10. 160+ graduate students currently enrolled for risk management, tax-risk management, and wealth management program, many with 10+ years experience, to build your career network today.


Texas A&M, an annual budget of $6.3 billion (FY2020), is the largest U.S. public university, one of only 60 accredited U.S. universities of the American Association of Universities (R1: Doctoral Universities – Highest Research Activity) and one of only 17 U.S. universities that hold the triple U.S. federal grant of Land, Sea, and Space!



International Tax & Tax Treaties I: Residency                                                                    International Tax & Tax Treaties I: Source    

Transfer Pricing Risk Management: Tangibles, Methods, Economics, and Data           Transfer Pricing Risk Management: Intangibles and Services

E.U. Tax Risk Management                                                                                                 U.S. Tax Risk Management

FATCA, CRS, and AEoI (Law, Data, Systems)                                                                     International Tax Risk Management & Domestic Systems (Inbound)

International Tax Risk Management I (Data, Analytics & Technology)                         International Tax Risk Management II (Data, Analytics & Technology)

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