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Estate Planning Update 2020-21 (Lexis)

Posted by William Byrnes on October 22, 2020

Texas Estate Planning Publication Update (2020) [Lexis permalink is here]


Current Developments: In this Release 27 of Texas Estate Planning, Prof. William Byrnes analyzes the latest developments and decisions in the federal and Texas courts, including the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018, the SECURE Act of 2019, as well as legislation and consideration resulting from the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic that impact estate planners.

Release 27 of Texas Estate Planning includes 21 chapter revisions of the latest rulings, regulations, cases, and inflationary adjustments, as well as the amendments and additions to law by the biennial 2019 86th Texas legislative session, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018, the SECURE Act of 2019, and CARES Act of 2020. Highlights of this release include:

The SECURE Act. The SECURE Act that took effect in 2020 specifically targets estate planning opportunities for individual retirement accounts. The impact is analyzed in Chapter 1.

T.D. 9884; Treas. Reg. § 20.2010-1(c)The I.R.S. confirmed that gifts made during 2018 through 2025 will attach the transfer tax exemption amount applicable on the date of the gift, and thus allow credit for the higher pre-2026 amount post-2026 even though the transfer tax exemption will have reverted to the pre-2018 amount (adjusted for inflation). The impact is analyzed in Chapter 2.

State Imposition of Tax on Trust Income. Some states attempt to tax trust income based on the residency of the beneficiary. In North Carolina Department of Revenue v. The Kimberly Rice Kaestner 1992 Family Trust, the State of North Carolina imposed an income tax on accumulated income of an irrevocable trust created in New York because of the residency of three beneficiaries in North Carolina. The U.S. Supreme Court in a decision based on the specific facts of the case held that the tax violated the Due Process Clause. See Chapter 31.

Impact of Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Exclusion. The IRS for 2018 reported that it received 34,092 total estate tax returns and 245,584 gift tax returns. Of the estate tax returns for 2018, the IRS reported that it received 5,484 taxable returns (which most likely relate to deaths in 2017) reporting $106 billion of estate gross assets and a tentative estate tax liability of $34 billion. The Urban Institute Tax Policy Center estimates that for 2020 only 1,900 estate tax returns will have tax owing of a total $16 billion.

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Exclusion. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (“TCJA”) increases from 2018 until 2026 the transfer tax exemption to $10 million per individual indexed for inflation so that for 2020 the amount is $11.58 million or $23.16 million per married couple. The 2020 annual gift tax exclusion for gifts made to a non-citizen spouse is $157,000. In 2026, the transfer tax exemption reverts back to the 2017 level indexed for inflation (in 2018 it would have been $5.6 million). All chapters have been updated to reflect these changes as well as the inflation adjustments of Rev. Proc. 2019-44.

U.S. Estate Tax Regime On High Net Wealth Immigrants. Chapter 7 analyzes planning strategies to mitigate exposure of foreign assets to U.S. estate tax.

IRS Settlement Offer For Microcaptives. See Chapter 5.

Author and Contributors

Professor William Byrnes of Texas A&M University School of Law and author of ten Lexis legal treatises is the author of Texas Estate Planning. He has assembled a team of preeminent subject matter experts as chapter contributors, including: Tena Fox (Leach & Fox), Terry Leach (Leach & Fox), Patrick McCormick (Drucker Scaccetti), Benjamin Terner (The Einstein Group), Kim Donovan Uskovich (Kelly Hart), and James Weller (Greenway Capital Advisors).

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