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U.S. / E.U. International Tax Risk Management Zoom Team-Based Case Studies Start Jan 19 – April 25 (14 weeks)

Posted by William Byrnes on December 9, 2020

Based on weekly case studies created by the faculty, supported by reading/text materials, pre-recorded videos with PPTs, and audio podcast files made by the faculty – twice-weekly Zoom live sessions (recorded as well) of 90 – 120 minutes wherein students in teams work through the case studies generally from an assigned stakeholder perspective. Access to the extensive Texas A&M library for case study research includes by example: Lexis, Westlaw, IBFD, Kluwer-Cheetah, Thomson OneSource, BvD (Moodys), S&P CapIQ, FITCH, among several others. Apply for Texas A&M’s courses here.

  • Transfer Pricing Risk Management I Tangibles, Methods, Economics, and Data
  • Transfer Pricing Risk Management II: Intangibles, Services, Pillar 1/Digital, Formulary
  • U.S. Tax Risk Management (Data, Analytics & Technology)
  • E.U. Tax Risk Management

U.S. Tax Risk Management (Data, Analytics & Technology) syllabus

E.U. Tax Risk Management syllabus

  • Week 1 March 8, 2021 E.U. General Framework of Compliance Tax Risk Management Dr. Eva Andrés (Barcelona)
  • Week 2 March 15, 2021 Parent Subsidiary Directive, Interest, Royalties. Dr. Santiago Ibañez Marcilla
  • Week 3 March 22, 2021 The European Union proposal on a carbon border tax and its compatibility with the World Trade Organization rules Dr. Xavier Fernández Pons
  • Week 4 March 29, 2021 Free Movement of Capital (investment funds) and others Fundamental Freedoms. Dr. Eva Andrés & Dr. Andreu Olesti
  • Week 5 April 5, 2021 Cross-Border Losses – Dr. Bruno Da Silva
  • Week 6 April 12, 2021 ATAD, DAC 6, Abuse – Dr. Bruno da Silva
  • Capstone Week April 19-25: Build a client case study, wrap up

Transfer Pricing Risk Management: Tangibles, Methods, Economics, and Data (William Byrnes course materials) syllabus

  • Week 1 January 19 Arm’s Length Standard (v Formulary Approach) Dr. Bruno Da Silva & William Byrnes
  • Week 2 Jan 25 CUP & Comparables Dr. Lorraine Eden
  • Week 3 Feb 1 Cost Plus & Resale Minus Dr. George Salis
  • Week 4 Feb 8: Comparable Profits Method & TNMMDr. George Salis
  • Week 5 Feb 15 Profit Split Dr. George Salis
  • Week 6 Feb 22 Best Method Dr. Lorraine Eden
  • Capstone Week March 1

Transfer Pricing Risk Management: Intangibles and Services (William Byrnes course materials) syllabus

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