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Texas A&M’s International Tax Certificate or Master Degree Curriculum – online using Zoom

Posted by William Byrnes on June 15, 2021

The International Tax Certificate and Master Degree are designed for international tax professionals (either lawyers or accountants, economists, and finance) to deliver specialized legal training for an in-depth understanding of the international tax risk management field’s changing complex legal aspects. Courses begin in late August, mid-January, and mid-May each year.

This graduate-level International Tax certificate or Master’s degree will prepare new and experienced international tax professionals to effectively address complex legal and policy challenges with respect to global tax risk. Specifically, participants will be exposed to (i) important U.S. and international laws, regulations, and policies in the international tax risk management field, and (ii) technology, data, and practice, as well as applications of law and regulation through case studies through a weekly-based structure. Individuals who complete the program will be able to synthesize scenarios, practice, and legal regulation in the international tax risk management field, providing analysis or judgments for consideration to organizational leadership with a nuanced perspective.

Courses are offered by asynchronous distance learning to provide a flexible schedule for working professionals. Interactive coursework includes case study assignments and regular interaction with classmates & the faculty through twice-weekly zoom meetings (recorded), pre-recorded videos, audio casts, discussion boards, and group breakout sessions.  For more information, contact Admissions: law.tamu.edu/distance-education/international-tax.

Example courses:

  • LAW 625 Spring Term A Transfer Pricing l – Methods, Econometrics, and Tangibles
  • LAW 626 Spring Term B Transfer Pricing II – Services and Intangibles
  • LAW 627 International Tax Risk Management I – Data, Analytics, and Technology
  • LAW 647 Fall Term A International Taxation and Treaties – residency issues
  • LAW 649 Fall Term B International Taxation and Treaties – source issues
  • LAW 719 Fall A Domestic Tax Systems Risk Management
  • LAW 720 Fall B International Tax Risk Management II – Data, Analytics, and Technology
  • U.S. International Tax Risk Management – Data and Analytics Spring Term A
  • U.S. International Tax Risk Management – Law and Regulation Summer
  • FATCA, CRS, and AEoI Risk Management – Summer

Texas A&M, operating budget of $9.6 billion (FY2022) and capital budget of $1.9 billion, is #1 for U.S. public universities, one of only 60 accredited U.S. universities of the American Association of Universities (R1: Doctoral Universities – Highest Research Activity) and one of only 17 U.S. universities that hold the triple U.S. federal grant of Land, Sea, and Space! Dep’t of Education ranks Texas A&M #14 in the U.S. for research grants/expenditure ($1.13B in 2020). The law school is ranked in the 1st tier and in the U.S. top 10 for employment outcomes of its graduates. Texas A&M is building a new law campus as the integrated centerpiece of its $1.5 billion interdisciplinary Law-STEM Fort Worth campus.

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