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TaxFacts Intelligence: 1040s due today Monday April 18

Posted by William Byrnes on April 18, 2022

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The IRS deadline for 2021 tax returns is today–and, for this year, the IRS is reminding taxpayers about recent changes that will make this year’s filing season a bit different than past years.  Similarly, the DOL has recently introduced changes to Form 5500 that will impact MEPs, PEPs and other small business retirement plans for 2022.  We also have coverage this week on how business owners should proceed now that the Supreme Court has weighed in on OSHA’s “vaccinate-or-test” mandate.

IRS: Tax Tips for a Smooth 2022 Tax Filing Today The IRS’ last day to accept 2021 1040s as filed by the deadline is today – electronically, or by postmark. Because of the Emancipation Day holiday in Washington, D.C., the 2022 tax filing deadline moved this year from April 15 Friday to today April 18 (April 19 for taxpayers who live in Maine or Massachusetts).  The IRS encourages taxpayers to file electronically today to ensure fast processing–and notes that the average refund will be received within 21 days if the taxpayer files electronically, signs up for direct deposit and has no issues with their return.  Taxpayers may need the information from the IRS’ Letter 6419 that provides information about advance child tax credit payments, and the IRS’ Letter 6475 that provides information about the third economic impact payment – these were received by taxpayers in January and February.  Taxpayers who received these funds will need these letters to complete their tax returns today – otherwise, request the automatic extension today (if must be requested today, it cannot be requested afterward).  Taxpayers who received advance child tax credits can also obtain information about those payments using the online portal at irs.gov. Taxpayers who received the child tax credit or earned income tax credit should also remember that the IRS cannot issue their refund before mid-February.  For more information on federal tax filing information, visit Tax Facts Online. Read More

U.S. Supreme Court Reinstates Stay of Enforcement on OSHA ETS Near the end of 2021, the Sixth Circuit ruled to dissolve an existing stay of OSHA’s emergency temporary standard (ETS) that would have required employers with at least 100 employees to require employees to receive the COVID-19 vaccine or submit to weekly testing.  In response, the Supreme Court considered the issue and opted to reinstate the enforcement stay—so that OSHA cannot enforce its ETS until further notice.   The Court reasoned that the ETS was overly broad and failed to consider the risks associated with different industries.  The ETS will now be sent back to the Sixth Circuit for a decision—and, if the Sixth Circuit rules in favor of enforcing the ETS, the Supreme Court may again be asked to review that decision.  For now, employers should begin to comply with state laws on the issue.  If the state requires vaccination-or-testing, employers should comply with that law.  Employers can now also safely comply with state laws that prohibit employers from imposing vaccine mandates–but should stay tuned for the Sixth Circuit’s next ruling.  For more information on the tax credit for employers who offer paid time off for employee vaccination, visit Tax Facts Online. Read More

DOL Introduces Form 5500 Changes for PEPs The SECURE Act created a new kind of multiple employer plan (MEP), called a pooled employer plan (PEP) for employers that didn’t qualify to participate in a MEP under pre-existing rules.  PEPs allow unrelated employers to pool together to offer retirement benefits to employees.  PEPs are required to report their aggregate account balances for every employer-participant starting with the 2021 plan year and must also report certain information about the plan provider.  MEPs are also now subject to new reporting requirements, which they will file in an attachment to Form 5500 for the 2021 plan year.  The MEP must report year-end account balances for each employer-participant, but the DOL has clarified that this requirement doesn’t apply to MEPs that function as defined benefit plans.  The revised Form 5500 provides information on these reporting requirements, and is also updated for post-SECURE Act retirement plans that were adopted retroactively.  For more information on MEPs, visit Tax Facts Online. Read More

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