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FATCA Intergovernmental Agreements

Posted by William Byrnes on January 13, 2014

As of December 31, 2013 the U.S. has eighteen IGAs signed and published, although others have been agreed in principle but not yet signed.   Fifteen of the current eighteen IGAs are based on Model 1: Costa Rica, Denmark, France, Germany, Guernsey, Ireland, Isle of Man, Jersey, Malta, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, the UK.  Three IGAs are based on Model 2, being Bermuda, Japan and Switzerland. 


Joint Statements and Signed Bilateral Agreements 


FATCA Compliance Program and Manual


Fifty contributing authors from the professional and financial industry provide 600 pages of expert analysis within the LexisNexis® Guide to FATCA Compliance (2nd Edition): many perspectives – one voice crafted by the primary author William Byrnes.


The LexisNexis® Guide to FATCA Compliance (2nd Edition) comprises 34 Chapters grouped in three parts: compliance program (Chapters 1–4), analysis of FATCA regulations (Chapters 5–16) and analysis of FATCA’s application for certain trading partners of the U.S. (Chapters 17–34), including intergovernmental agreements as well as the OECD’s TRACE initiative for global automatic information exchange protocols and systems. The 34 chapters include many practical examples to assist a compliance officer contextualize the regulations, IGA provisions, and national rules enacted pursuant to an IGA.  Chapters include by example an in-depth analysis of the categorization of trusts pursuant to the Regulations and IGAs, operational specificity of the mechanisms of information capture, management and exchange by firms and between countries, insights as to the application of FATCA and the IGAs within new BRIC and European country chapters. 



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