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International Tax Risk Management Summer Zoom Courses May 18 – July 3

Posted by William Byrnes on April 10, 2020

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FATCA, CRS, AEoI, Systems and Data: 3 credits (Zoom class 8am Wednesday and 9am Sunday Central Daylight Dallas time zone)

  • Week 1. May 18: FATCA, CRS, and EU: nationality, residency, data sharing: Dr. Bruno Da Silva (Loyens & Loeff)
  • Week 2. May 25: FATCA/CRS and the Asset Management Industry, intermediaries: Denise Hintzke (Deloitte)
  • Week 3. June 1: FATCA Withholding Compliance, overlap with QI: Denise Hintzke (Deloitte)
  • Week 4. June 8: Documentation FATCA v CRS: Danielle Nishida (KPMG) / Laurie Hatten-Boyd (KPMG)
  • Week 5. June 15: FATCA IGAs & CRS Risk Management Danielle Nishida (KPMG) or Laurie Hatten-Boyd (KPMG)
  • Week 6. June 23: Financial Institutions Systems And Data: Haydon Perryman (Bank of America, UBS, Barclays, RBS and Lloyds)

International Tax Risk Management I (Data, Analytics & Technology) 3 credits (meet Tuesday and Friday at 8am Central Daylight Dallas time zone) (tentative time)

  • Week 1. May 18: General tax risk management approach Dr. Knut Olsen
  • Week 2. May 25: BEPS: Dr. Bruno Da Silva (Loyens & Loeff).
  • Week 3. June 1: CbCR & Analytics David Deputy Vertex
  • Week 4. June 8: LOB / PPT / MLI: Dr. Bruno da Silva (Loyens & Loeff)
  • Week 5. June 15: Interest (thin cap, EBIDTA), Debt/Equity, Hybrids – TBD
  • Week 6. June 23: Future of Analytics & Technology from a Risk Management Perspective: Dr. Paula de Witte
  • Week 7 capstone for both Summer courses: “Tax Technology and the future of Tax Departments” Dr. Debora Correa Talutto

(Fall course) International Tax Risk Management II (Data, Analytics & Technology) 3 credits (meet Tuesday and Friday at 9am Central Daylight Dallas time zone) (tentative time)

  • Week 1 Oct 11 Manufacturing Supply Chain Tax Risk Niraja Srinivasan
  • Week 2 Oct 18 Manufacturing Value Chain Tax Risk Niraja Srinivasan
  • Week 3 Oct 25 Manufacturing & Customs Risk Niraja Srinivasan
  • Week 4 Nov 1 Tax of Patents / Technology, Dr. Brigitte Muehlmann 
  • Week 5 Nov 8 Tax Risk & Tax Technology, Dr. Brigitte Muehlmann
  • Week 6 Nov 15 Tax Risk & Tax Technology, Dr. Brigitte Muehlmann

FALL 2020 (Aug 23 through Nov 23) 3 credits (meet Tuesday and Friday at 9am Central Daylight Dallas time zone)

Domestic Tax Systems Risk Management

  • Week 1 Aug 23 Oil & Gas tax risk survey of country tax risk Susana Bokobo,
  • Week 2 Aug 30 Mexico Tax Risk
  • Week 3 Sept 6 India Tax Risk (services)
  • Week 4 Sept 13 China Tax Risk
  • Week 5 Sept 20 Japan Dr. Maji Rhee (Waseda) majirhee@waseda.jp
  • Week 6 Sept 27 Brazil Tax Risk

International Tax & Tax Treaties I: Residency Dr. Bruno Da Silva (Loyens & Loeff), and William Byrnes (TAMU) 3 credits (meet Tuesday and Friday at 8am Central Daylight Dallas time zone)

  • Week 1 Aug 23 Domestic Tax Rights; Double Taxation; Tax Treaty Allocation Of Tax Rights
  • Week 2 Aug 30 Types Of Taxes; Tax Treaty Interpretation
  • Week 3: Sept 6 Tax Jurisdiction Over Persons, Tax Treaty Interpretation
  • Week 4: Sept 13 Tax Jurisdiction of Corporations; Tax Treaty Interpretation & Application
  • Week 5: Sept 20 Tax Jurisdiction of Entities
  • Week 6: Sept 27 U.S. Tax Reform / Pillar II

International Tax & Tax Treaties II: Source Dr. Bruno Da Silva (Loyens & Loeff), and William Byrnes (TAMU) 3 credits (meet Tuesday and Friday at 8am Central Daylight Dallas time zone)

  • Week 1 Oct 11 Tax of Business Income (PE, Nexus)
  • Week 2 Oct 18 Tax of Investment Income
  • Week 3: Oct 25 Taxation of Services and Employment Income (including DST)
  • Week 4: Nov 1 Double Taxation and Tax Credits
  • Week 5: Nov 8 Tax Accounting
  • Week 6: Nov 15 Introduction to Management of Tax and Data
  • Capstone Nov 23: Groups Create Client Case Studies

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Two Powerhouses Announce Joint International Tax LLM

Posted by William Byrnes on January 27, 2015

Logo Starting September 2015, University of Amsterdam will offer an Advanced LL.M. of International Taxation in English, limited to just 25 annual candidates from around the world.  Applications for one of these seats are open until April.

Renown international tax academic and lawyer Dr. Dennis Weber shared with the Financial Law Prof: “The Advanced LL.M. of International Tax Lawis a full-time, one-year program.  The curriculum covers both the established framework of international tax law and emerging issues. A fundamental premise is that a proper understanding of this area of the law requires studying both the “big picture” and the technicalities.”

Weber-dennis-hoogleraar-fdr-fotograaf-gerth-van-roden-web“Moreover”, he continued, “the OECD BEPS project is on every tax counsel’s mind, and such discussions normally involve The Netherlands because, as a business friendly jurisdiction for fifty years, it has attracted multinational operations, employment and tax revenue using a ‘carrot’ policy.  Other countries are competing for multinationals’ operations, employment and tax revenue with a ‘stick’ policy of imposing high compliance costs to dissuade international activities.  The next five years will be an interesting time as the G20 goes head to head to try to peel away these operations and tax revenue from each other.”

“The IBFD is very excited about joining forces with the University of Amsterdam to create an LLM with a teaching programme that is based firmly on the research activities of both institutions and offers a combined theoretical and practical analysis of international tax law.” elaborated Prof. Dr Pasquale Pistone, Chair of the IBFD’s Academic Committee.

“There has never been a more exciting time to study international tax law than now” continued Dr. Joanna Wheeler, “the topic is firmly on the public agenda and you can see the whole field developing before your eyes just by reading the news.”

“I am delighted that the longstanding relationship between the UvA and IBFD has resulted in such a promising LLM programme, a programme that takes a holistic and policy-oriented view to taxation and that perfectly fits the current era.” said Prof. Dr Stef van Weeghel.  Dr. Weber added, “Studying international tax law in one of the most relaxed cities in the world: a perfect combination.”

Prof. William Byrnes iterated “Dr. Dennis Weber has developed a game changer in Europe with his international tax program, combining the academic quality of University of Amsterdam with the industry reputation of the IBFD.”

Learn more about international students studying in Amsterdam via YouTube


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