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Insurers Accused of Wrongfully Refusing to Pay Death Benefits

Posted by William Byrnes on December 14, 2010

Insurance companies have been getting a lot of press the last few years. But this time, it’s not a story about a health insurance carrier denying a father-of-five cancer patient’s potentially life-saving treatment. It’s a Los Angeles Times story pillorying life insurance company American General and several other carriers for rescinding life insurance policies after the insured’s death.

According to the Los Angeles Times article, $372 million in life insurance benefits were denied beneficiaries in 2009, doubling over the past decade even as life insurance policy sales have decreased.

The article breaks down the denied death benefits by insurance company, finding that some carriers deny death benefits more than others. The prime target …… read this complete article at AdvisorFX (sign up for a free trial subscription with full access to all of the planning libraries and client presentations if you are not already a subscriber).

For in-depth analysis of a life insurance company’s right to rescind a policy after issuance, see Advisor’s Main Library: Section 20 C—Payment Of Proceeds.

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