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UAE Published Detailed FATCA Guidance

Posted by William Byrnes on August 5, 2015

The UAE published 173 pages of detailed FATCA guidance and implementation of the IGA with the
USA for its financial services industry.  Download FATCA UAE Guidance Notes

The FATCA Guidance initially provides a general introduction to the Foreign Account Tax Compliance UAE MOFAct and its application to entities regulated by the Central Bank, the Insurance Authority, the Securities and Commodities Authority, the Dubai International Financial Centre and Unregulated Entities.

 What is FATCA and how will it be applied in the United Arab Emirates?

 How will FATCA affect banking entities, insurance companies, financial services companies and asset managers?

 How will FATCA affect Unregulated Entities?

 What if an entity or account holder does not comply with the UAE IGA?

 Purpose and outline of these Guidance Notes.

CH 1 – General Introduction

CH 2 – Guidance Notes for Banking Sector 

CH 3 – Guidance Notes for Insurance Sector 

CH 4 – Guidance Notes for Financial Services Sector 


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