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Using IRS income stats for where to locate your financial planning firm

Posted by William Byrnes on August 7, 2014

IRS logoCombing through the IRS’ income tax data by county and by zipcode can provide valuable insight for, by example, where to locate a business that depends on foot traffic, where to live (for a well funded local public school) and where to direct marketing efforts for financial planning and wealth management.

Take for instance California.  Some counties have substantially more tax filers in the category above $200,000 income, than others.  The entire state has 802,100 tax filers reporting $200,000 and greater income, 83% being married couples (665,110).   That’s almost twice New York State’s with just 413,720 (of course, to understand New York City, I would need to add in the metropolitan stats from the tri-state Connecticut and New Jersey suburbs of the City).  However, Texas beat out New York at 433,150 high earner returns, whereas Florida only had 278,560.

Read my analysis by country and metropolitan area in my International Finance Professor Blog article.

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Are the Mass Affluent Missing from Your Client Profile?

Posted by William Byrnes on July 19, 2011

Individuals in the fastest growing class of investors—the mass affluent—need your advice.  According to a recent report, there is a void in representation by financial professionals this group. As a corollary, they lack confidence in their ability to meet their financial goals, making them desirable candidates for professional services.

The mass affluent are investors occupying the upper tier of the mass market—the biggest group of consumers. But “mass affluent” isn’t just a synonym for “upper middle-class”; it is a subset of the upper middle-class with $50,000 to $250,000 in “investable assets.”

Depending on your career trajectory, the mass affluent can be resourceful in establishing the foundation for a successful practice. A majority (55 percent) of the mass affluent believe they will be wealthy one day. Although only a small number of the mass affluent will move into high-net-worth territory, you can get in on the ground floor of the upward career trajectory of those who will. Read this complete analysis of the impact at AdvisorFX(sign up for a free trial subscription with full access to all of the planning libraries and client presentations if you are not already a subscriber).

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New Report Shows Room for Growth for Wealth Managers

Posted by William Byrnes on December 2, 2010

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According to a recent report by Javelin Strategy and Research (California); “[a]lthough the recent ‘Great Recession’ has caused millions of Americans to tighten their belts financially, nearly one out of five consumers are financial sleepwalkers”—those who do not manage their personal finances. [1] That’s right; at least 20% of Americans are not currently using wealth managers to manage their personal finances. The report states that the rate is more than double that of 2009. [2] This presents a vast opportunity for wealth managers to expand their market share.

The United States Department of Labor project that personal financial advisors are estimated to grow by 30 percent over the 2008–18 period.  “Growing numbers of advisors will be needed to assist the millions of workers expected to retire in the next 10 years.” [3] Further, “[a]s more members of the large baby boom generation reach their peak years of retirement savings, personal investments are expected to increase and more people will seek the help of experts.” [4]

Moreover, there is a trend in corporate America to replace “traditional pension plans with retirement savings programs, so more individuals are managing their own retirements than in the past,” creating additional opportunity for wealth managers. [5] In addition, as medical technology continues to advance and people on average, live longer, the need for additional financial planning arises.

The average compensation for wealth managers is around $89,920 to $110,130 for those marketing insurance products and services as well as other financial investments. [6] New York has the most wealth managers in terms of total numbers. [7] In addition, New York wealth managers made on average $146,460, the most from any state. [8] Read the entire article at AdvisorFYI.

For previous blogticles covering the wealth management industry, see the series beginning The Future of Wealth Management

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