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International Estate Planning & Immigration (summer course)

Posted by William Byrnes on May 2, 2010

Topics: Executive Compensation, High Net Wealth Families, Immigration, Estate Planning strategies and compliance

Delivery: 36 hours of live lecture and discussions – audio headsets required (online)

Start: May 28 (Friday) – end August 6 (Friday) – 11 weeks

When: most lectures’ times are weekdays at New York 11am / London 4pm / Paris 5pm / Dubai 7pm / Mumbai 8:30pm / Hong Kong 11pm

Recordings: all lectures are made available within 24 hours on-demand until August 27  

Instructors include: Richard Duke, Marshall Langer, Alfred Ongcapin, and others

Contact: Prof. William Byrnes, Associate Dean – wbyrnes@tjsl.edu to enroll

Enrollment: either as continuing education or as graduate program credit (graduate program credit includes full Westlaw, Lexis, CCH, IBFD, Checkpoint, Orbitax and 20 other professional databases)

Certification: applies toward the CTEP professional designation of the American Academy of Financial Management as disclosed for FINRA.

Accreditation: applies toward the Legum Magister, Juris Scientiae Magister, Scientiae Juridicae Doctor of Thomas Jefferson School of Law (San Diego) as disclosed for the American Bar Association.

2 Responses to “International Estate Planning & Immigration (summer course)”

  1. Are your estate planning and other legal education series available online? For example, is it possible to take one or more of these series for CLE credit as a distance learning option? You have some excellent topics.


    • Yes – all of these are available via a “live-online” experience. We use web-conferencing with webcams/headsets.

      Feel free to call me at (619) 374-6955 if you are interested in either the CLE or the degree programs.


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