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Educational Teaching Methodologies to Reverse Declining Law School Enrollment

Posted by William Byrnes on July 28, 2015

read the CNN Report about the White Paper “Alternative Methods of Teaching and The Effectiveness of Distance Learning For Legal Education”.

The 26 page White Paper is available on SSRN

“legal education today has to be recalibrated so that it is innovative, cross-disciplinary, simultaneously accessible across global borders, and able to expand without millions of dollars for brick and mortar…”

“law schools are experiencing 40% less enrollment today than in years past and new standards are needed to reverse that decline. These new standards address the three missing elements in legal education today: …”

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CaliBUG 2013 chooses Professor William Byrnes’ presentation on distance education pedagogy

Posted by William Byrnes on October 14, 2013


Last Spring, William Byrnes submitted a presentation proposal to the conference committee on the pedagogical reasons for, and addressing the challenges of, ‘flipping the classroom’, which was inevitably chosen for a forty minute slot.  William Byrnes pioneered online legal education in 1995, thereafter creating the first online LL.M. offered by an ABA accredited law school.   He is a key founding member of the Work Group for Distance Education in Legal Education that in 2013 published “Distance Learning in Legal Education: A Summary of Delivery Models, Regulatory Issues and Recommended Practices”.

William Byrnes said “I invited Jason Fiske to tag team the presentation wherein we swap back and forth at couple minute intervals to continually refresh audience interest.  Listening to one speaker for forty minutes can lead to distraction, fractionating between two complementary styles and perspectives allows the audience to refocus attention.”

William Byrnes and Jason Fiske presented on the topic of flipping the classroom at CaliBUG 2013 held October 11 in San Diego.  CaliBug had 280 attendants this year from California higher education institutions, representing administration and faculty of universities and colleges, as well as some So Cal public high schools.

Byrnes added, “I spoke to the pedagogical justification of flipping the classroom while Jason illustrated through examples how we are flipping the classroom.  By example, we showed captured  screens of videos, study guides, discussion forums, and assessment techniques.”

He continued, “I think it is important to start such distance education discussions by presenting the findings of the US Department of Education Evaluation of Evidence-Based Practices in Online Learning –

A Meta-Analysis and Review of Online Learning Studies:

 “the meta-analysis of 50 study effects, 43 of which were drawn from research with older learners, found that students in online conditions performed modestly better, on average, than those learning the same material through traditional face-to-face instruction.’

 “Also during the presentation I drop in the quote from another article that:

 ‘Diverse groups of problems solvers – groups of people with diverse tools – consistently outperform groups of the best & the brightest’.”

 Jason Fiske chimed in, “the presentation today, and the massive interest in the system we are creating shows how the online Graduate Programs continue to lead as thought innovators and leaders in the continually evolving field of online education.”

Byrnes added, “Several institutions’ faculty approached us afterwards to establish follow up conversations.  CaliBUG has presented a very good opportunity for cross-fertilization with public universities in Southern California, like the UCs and Community Colleges, that are now exploring how best to leverage distance education to accomplish their missions of public education, as well as the private universities in attendance like USC, Loyola, and our neighbor USD.”


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Interview with William H. Byrnes, IV, Associate Dean at Thomas Jefferson School of Law

Posted by William Byrnes on September 5, 2013

Professor William H. Byrnes was a pioneer of online legal education, creating the first LL.M. offered online through a law school accredited by the American Bar Association. Now as Associate Dean for Graduate & Distance Education Programs at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, Professor Byrnes teaches courses including Federal Tax, International Tax, and International Business Transactions. Professor Byrnes has an impressive record in academics and research, and was kind enough to set aside time to speak with MastersinAccounting.info

Read the full interview at > William Byrnes Interview <

How did your professional experiences shape your approach to the classroom?

As a Senior Manager then Associate Director of Coopers & Lybrand, a three year associate to a renowned senior figure in the international tax industry, and undertaking a three year fellowship at the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation on the topic of transfer pricing. I advised clients in many countries. Large diverse multinational groups required a robust sensitivity for intercultural business practices and social differences.

In the nineties, I was a tax professor in South Africa during the time of its change to a full democracy with the corresponding upheavals. During those years, I experienced the challenges of classroom integration of cultures, languages, and economic backgrounds. Moreover, being a pioneer of online education in the field of tax during those years, I developed a pedagogical understanding of knowledge and expertise acquisition, and of mapping education processes to learning outcomes. …. .

I bring all of these experiences holistically to a “flipped” classroom, learner-centered approach.  ….

Read the full interview at > William Byrnes Interview <

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video interview with William Byrnes

Posted by William Byrnes on August 16, 2013

When William Byrnes returned to the United States in 1998 to establish the International Finance and Taxation program leveraging online communication technologies, both international tax programs and distance learning programs were in their infancy. Through engaging a renown and talented faculty of industry professionals, and the support of an immensely engaged student body from professional and financial service firms, the international tax program blossomed over the past 15 years to become a cutting edge industry leader that it is today.

Just recently, National Law Journal wrote “Perhaps no one in legal academia has more experience with online master’s degrees than William Byrnes, Associate Dean for Graduate and Distance Education Programs at Thomas Jefferson School of Law.” (May 20, 2013)

His article that reviews the development of the first Internet delivered LL.M program in the United States may be downloaded at > William Byrnes’ SSRN academic page <

The article comprises four sections: In Part 1 the economics reasons for, and logistics considerations of, the Internet delivered Program are addressed. Part 2 reviews the pedagogical approach to legal education employed in the United States, criticisms thereof, and finally examines an emerging pedagogical trend in the United Kingdom. Part 3 reviews the teaching tools employed in the LL.M. Program, and Part 4 reviews the practical aspects of developing the LL.M. Program, obtaining ABA acquiescence, and reviews the Internet delivered law courses that came before it. Finally, the article concludes with some personal observations.

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Producing Leaders in the Legal Academy

Posted by William Byrnes on July 26, 2013

Excerpts from the Loyola Lawyer (Fall 2012). 

William H. Byrnes, IV is a pioneer in online education. .. 

Byrnes has an affinity for the civil law and civilian education. He notes: “The insights I received from New Orleans and the civil law allowed me to see different perspectives. At a regular common law institution, I would have never been able to do this.”

“The problem with common law (case law) is that it implies there is only one way to solve a problem,” he says. “Thus, you seem to be stuck in a pigeonhole when a judge rules on a case. But this is not so in the civil law. The civil law really highlights that there are different types of logic that can be used to approach a problem. …”

Read the article at > Loyola Lawyer Fall 2012 <

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CAASP firma convênio com a Thomas Jefferson School of Law, da San Diego Califórnia (EUA)

Posted by William Byrnes on May 10, 2011

Inscritos na OAB-SP têm desconto de 20% em curso internacional que começa no dia 5 de julho

A Caixa de Assistência dos Advogados de São Paulo (CAASP), por meio do seu Clube de Serviços, acaba de formalizar parceria com a Thomas Jefferson School of Law (TJSL), de San Diego, Califórnia (EUA). Agora, os inscritos na OAB-SP têm desconto de 20% no curso de verão “Introdução ao Sistema Legal Norte-Americano” (Introduction to US Legal System), que será ministrado de 5 a 28 de julho. Em vez dos US$2 mil usuais, os advogados paulistas pagarão apenas US$1,6 mil. Há também oferta de estadia por valores diferenciados.

Para se matricular, o advogado deve cumprir o seguinte procedimento: no endereçowww.tjsl.edu/graduate/caasp, acionar o aplicativo TJSL/SC/2011, imprimir e preencher a ficha de inscrição. Em seguida, é preciso escanear o documento e enviá-lo para mcewenc@tjsl.edu, endereço eletrônico da professora Carla Lima de Castro McEwen, coordenadora pedagógica do curso.

“O curso habilita para o Exame da Califórnia Bar Association e conta com renomados professores norte-americanos, além da advogada brasileira Carla McEwen, coordenadora pedagógica, que garantirá aos brasileiros todo o suporte necessário em língua portuguesa”, destaca o assessor para Assuntos Institucionais da CAASP, George Augusto Niaradi. “Com mais esta parceria na esfera educacional, a Caixa prossegue em uma de suas linhas prioritárias, que é disponibilizar a todos os segmentos da advocacia paulista cursos que supram sua necessidade de atualização permanente”, afirma o presidente da Caixa de Assistência, Fábio Romeu Canton Filho.

O curso “Introdução ao Sistema Legal Norte-Americano” proporciona uma visão geral da linguagem norte-americana sobre o sistema jurídico baseado na jurisprudência (commom law). O aluno tem a oportunidade de conhecer a estrutura da linguagem jurídica usada na prática legal nos Estados Unidos em petições, apelações ou correspondências, além de participar de uma série de palestras. A programação contempla 15 horas semanais de aulas presenciais e 15 horas semanais de pesquisa e estudos.

A Thomas Jefferson School of Law nasceu em 1969 como campus de San Diego, na Califórnia, da Western University College of Law, tendo evoluído até tonar-se uma escola  de Direito de ponta, assim reconhecida tanto por estudantes dos Estados Unidos quanto de diversas partes do mundo. Um fato marcante na história recente da TJSL é a construção de um moderníssimo campus em San Diego Downtown East Village, perto do coração da comunidade jurídica da cidade. As primeiras aulas nas novas instalações foram ministradas em janeiro de 2011. Dotada de um corpo docente de classe mundial, a TJSL conta com três centros de excelência acadêmica: o Center for Global Legal Studies, o Centro para o Direito e Propriedade Intelectual e  Centro de Direito e da Justiça Social – todos os três centros têm alcançado destaque em suas áreas por meio de ofertas de cursos e programas de extensão.

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Administrative Director of Graduate Programs

Posted by William Byrnes on February 18, 2011

Administrative Director of Graduate Programs


JOB TITLE: Administrative Director of Graduate Programs (previously LLM)

REPORTS TO: Associate Dean for Distance Education Programs

POSITION STATUS: Full-time, Exempt

GENERAL SUMMARY: Responsible for the coordination and support of the graduate distance education and continuing professional education programs with the departments of the central administration, including admissions, financial aid, business office, student services, information technology, and library. The Administrative Director is chiefly responsible for providing high level support to Associate Dean for Distance Education Programs and activities related to program development, relationship building with professional organizations, legal and financial institutions and individual students, and to the entrepreneurial activities related to the delivery of continuing education programming to a wide array of professionals globally.


• Coordinate the student registration process four times per year for new and current LLM and JSD candidates with the Registrar and within each course.

• Serve as one of three key point persons to handle the questions and needs of current and incoming graduate students, as well as those of working professionals seeking continuing education opportunities.

• Support adult learners through the processes and structures of engaging with financial aid, online learning systems such as blackboard and WIMBA, and online publisher databases via proxy access such as CCH.

• Serve as main point of contact for Embanet regarding operations: admissions, student registration and reconciliation.

• Developing quarterly contact list for leads and applicants and refreshing alumni contact list.

• Develop training materials for new students on technology and systems used in the program.

• Serve as main point of contact for faculty of the program in terms of their contracts and payment, scheduling of their classes and training on Wimba.

• Coordinate graduation for the LL.M. and JSD students, process their graduation forms, order their diplomas and certificates.

• Participate in supporting the collaborative entrepreneurial process of new program development and implementation via developing processes and protocols.

• Provide direct supervision to student workers, federal work study students and international interns who work for the Program to support above functions.

• Responsible for all administrative activities, working closely with other departments to ensure proper and timely processing and reporting related to programs.

• Provide support and organization for travel and entertainment.

• Other duties as assigned.


• Bachelor degree required, preferred graduate level or professional degree, in law, business or related area.

• Preferred 5 years working in the financial services with international experience.

• Must be comfortable working with senior partners and high level officials within the banking, finance, law, accounting, private business, and government arenas.

• Must have an understanding of asynchronous and synchronous distance technology education at the graduate level.

• Must have the ability to understand administrative and technical structures to ease adult learners through such processes and structures of financial aid, online learning systems such as blackboard and WIMBA, and online publisher databases via proxy access such as CCH.

• Multiple languages are a plus.


Full time, Monday through Friday, 40 hours per week. Nights and weekends as needed.


All contact must be with Lisa Chigos (lchigos@tjsl.edu). Send CV and cover letter.

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Importance and Value of Professional Designations and Board Certifications in the United States and Globally

Posted by William Byrnes on January 21, 2011

Why Accredited Program Exams &  Education matter.  Brief History of Professional Designations in the USA and Why Certification Matters

These days it is becoming more and more important to have an accredited degree along with certifications, graduate credentials, specializations, or other professional designations.  Many of todays  industry professionals  have the term “Board Certified” or certified on their resume which shows that they have completed the requirements for certification under the standards of an Independent Regulatory Body .

Certification bodies, honor societies, and Self Regulatory Organizations have been in existence for several hundred years in the United States.   Honors, awards, designations, certifications, and other non-government regulated credentials has been well recognized  since “academic honor societies” became popular over 200 years ago in the USA i.e. PBK Honor Society in year 1776.

Further, professional designations in the last 30 years have become almost a requirement to be hired into many job areas of: banking, insurance, project management, risk management, business, law, finance, and various other fields.

AAFM ®  American Academy of Financial Management®, a global certification standards body,  was the first to require program exams and courses from a government recognized and  double accredited business schools by creating legal  articulation agreements directly with Governmental Bodies and Accreditation Bodies.

Under US government laws, individuals generally must be registered with some federal or state governmental licensing authority  before working in a regulated field such as law or accounting.  However, corporations, state bar associations and accounting societies allow their members to  use other professional certifications after your name.  e.g.  John Doe, MBA, CWM ®

Overall, if you research the  ACBSP – The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs www.ACBSP.org, The American Bar Association ABA, or other  accredited business schools in North or South America, we find that double accredited programs maintain the highest admissions requirements, educational standards, and testing & assessment criteria in the world.  These top business schools are also recognized by the Government sanctioned CHEA Council of Higher Education  through the US Government’s  DOE Department of Education.

Thus, there is a continued new movement toward applying to and beginning or entering specific degree or accredited business programs with the intent to earn specialized-graduate certifications while actually working toward a diploma or degree.   Some certifications, such as AAFM®, may even count toward credit for a Graduate Degree.

As for trends, research shows that more and more of the TOP ranked accredited institutions will continue to move toward integrating independent “graduate certifications”, diplomas, charters, and even joint certification programs with external certification bodies.

Below are typical benefits for holding certifications taken from the AAFM® American Academy Website.

Sample Benefits of Professional Certification from AAFM ®  International Board of Standards

  • Gain Recognition from an Independent  “Professional Certifying Body”
  • Use Post-Nominal Credentials after your name on your business cards.
  • Addition of Certification Marks after your on your Resume, CV, & Promotional Materials.  Ex. John Doe, MFP Master Financial Planner
  • Achieve an accredited degree-based designation that rewards you for your professional exams,  education, hard work and experience.
  • Protect your job security by achieving graduate recognition from: an independent, vendor-neutral, globally recognized authority and standards body.
  • Promote Advanced Specialization Skills  in your resume and  portfolio of credentials
  • Enhance your digital resume with key memberships, awards,  and industry recognized qualifications.
  • Certifications and knowledge expansion have been proven to increase your professional image and salary potential.
  • Advanced Standing to Publish research in the journal or websites as a Certified Member.
  • Assist in work helping charity, governments, the United Nations, or  NGOs through our volunteer and outreach programs.
  • Use  our private career network of:  job alerts, advice, communications and job tools.
  • CPE continuing professional education from any affiliated business school.
  • Networking with members in more than 150 Countries via online or conferences.
  • The AAFM ® Certification body has international alliances with Leading Associations in Arabia, Asia, Africa, India, China, Asia, Singapore and more.
  • The AAFM ® Official Approved Annual Conference is a TOP Global Conferences in Business, Management, Finance, Economics, Leadership and more.
  • Become a Fellow or Advisor of the Academy and Institute.
  • Professional Online Networks with LinkedIn
  • Can show others that the Holder of certification has achieved Double Accredited Education from a government recognized business school such as ACBSP.
  • Certifications are verified online globally to improve your ability to be hired &  screened through our Certification Verification System
  • Certifications help your resume to be found in the digital world of “Search”.
  • Qualified Board Certifications are allowed by State Bar Associations and The AICPA State Accounting Bodies.

Prof. Mentz, who is CEO of the AAFM ® American Academy and a licensed US attorney stated, “Board Certification that is backed by “double accredited business program’s exams and education” is the confirmation which validates your hard work and expertise, and tells the world that your graduate certification has met the highest global accreditation standards for business education under the US Department of Education and CHEA governmental standards.”


  • AAFM ® Investopedia http://www.investopedia.com/terms/a/american-academy-of-financial-management.asp
  • AAFM ® US Dept of Labor http://www.bls.gov/oco/ocos301.htm
  • AAPM ® Project Management Certification  www.certifiedprojectmanager.us
  • Government licensed: Attorneys/Lawyers, CPAs, and Engineers who offer Advice and services incidental to their work are generally excluded from this regulatory registration http://www.sec.gov/divisions/investment/iaregulation/memoia.htm
  • AAFM  ® FINRA Referenced Designations: http://apps.finra.org/DataDirectory/1/prodesignations.aspx
  • CHEA, DOE, ACBSP, etc. www.ACBSP.org
  • TJSL Law School http://llmprogram.tjsl.edu

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information session webinar – graduate online degrees

Posted by William Byrnes on December 23, 2010

archive recording of our 15 December information session webinar

  • International Tax
  • Financial Services
  • Wealth Management
  • Compliance & Anti-Money Laundering

Request an application or a continuing education enrollment form.  If you have any curricular questions, I can discuss via Skype or telephone.

While the program will be online video-conference, if you should have the opportunity to visit our new campus it is considered one of the best for collaborative technology and research.

Regards – William Byrnes, Assoc. Dean – Graduate Programs & Distance Learning

Thomas Jefferson School of Law,  1155 Island Avenue, San Diego California 92101

Tel: +1 (619) 374-6955  skype: professorbyrnes

New 178,000 sq ft academic building: http://www.tjsl.edu/about-tjsl/our-new-campus

New 46,000 sq ft lifestyle spa & gym http://www.fitathletic.com/sandiego/home.php

New 178 unit student-residence http://www.entrada453.com/

New central library directly behind our new campus http://granicus.sandiego.gov/ASX.php?publish_id=897&sn=granicus.sandiego.gov (view the architectural rendering videos of the library of the future)

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The Changing Landscape of the Foreign Tax Credit Regime

Posted by William Byrnes on October 1, 2010

The tax landscape is changing for the amount U.S. multinational corporations may claim through the foreign tax credit.  This change is the result of the Statutory Pay-As-You-Go Act of 2010 that requires any increased spending must be offset by a corresponding increase in revenue.  The foreign tax credit modifications narrowly escaped becoming the offsetting revenue raising provisions of the Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2010 that extended unemployment benefits.  However, the success was short-lived, as these modifications were added to Pub. L. No. 111-226, the Education, Jobs and Medicaid Assistance Act  of 2010. This legislation provides $10 billion of elementary and secondary education funding to protect teacher jobs from being cut.  Nearly $10 billion over ten years is expected to be raised by altering various rules that corporations leverage to calculate their foreign tax credits and foreign-source income, providing the necessary revenue offset for this law.

In the article, we will examine the concept behind foreign tax credits offered in the United States; the history of foreign tax credits in the United States; the changes to the foreign tax credits; and the public policy behind the bill and the potential effects upon multinational corporations.  To download the free article, please link to LexisNexis here at Tax Law Community

You may post any questions or comments below  – Prof. William Byrnes

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National Underwriters Appoints New Leader of Financial Advisory Publications

Posted by William Byrnes on July 14, 2010

National Underwriters Establishes Go-To Service for Producers

Effective this summer, in order to embrace the changing landscape of the greatest wealth transfer in global history, National Underwriter/Summit Business Media is honored to announce that the renown professor, author, and financial services industry analyst William Byrnes will lead our financial advisory publications.  In an interview William Byrnes stated that “I will leverage community-comment blogging with innovative multimedia to deliver daily strategies for insurance producers and financial service regulatory updates for risk managers.  National Underwriters’ Advanced Underwriter Service®(AUS®) will emerge as the dominant go-to strategy service for the insurance/financial planning industry.” 

When asked how he intends to effectively connect AUS® strategic information with the needs of producers, Byrnes replied, “Through direct engagement with producers’ burning questions via the new AUS® Advisor blog, through my editorial panel of connected industry experts and enterprise-wide subscribers, and through feedback from the elected production leaders from the over 50,000 chartered wealth managers of the American Academy of Financial Management®.  National Underwriters will proactively educate the AUS subscribers about developing insurance and wealth management advisory strategies and sales techniques before the subscribers’ competitors hear about them via industry word of mouth.”

William Byrnes’ Background

Byrnes continued, “I have a lot of experience delivering cutting edge information to professionals seeking to better serve their clients and win business from the competition.  About twenty years ago, Dr. George Mentz and I pioneered residential executive training, and soon thereafter online degrees, for wealth managers seeking to become top producers.  Over time we trained these industry leading wealth managers with our executive programs for the likes of EuroMoney-Institutional Investor, IIR, and the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners.  We even managed for the first time ever that the American Bar Association acquiesced to an online wealth management oriented graduate law degree being granted to both lawyers and non-lawyers alike by an accredited law school in the USA.”

“And in terms of executing multi-media publishing, I’ve written and edited 10 books and treatises and 17 chapters for best-of-class publishers like Lexis-Nexis, Wolters Kluwer, Thomson-Reuters, and Oxford University Press, whereas Dr. Mentz focused on wealth management techniques and soft skills books distributed international via the 120-country membership of the American Academy of Financial Management.  I have published my multi-media textbooks online since 1998!”

New Community-Collaborative Technology

When asked how he transitioned from practitioner to education-pioneer, Byrnes reminisced “I never imagined when I was an associate director of international tax of the big 6 audit firm Coopers & Lybrand, now known as PwC, that I would move from serving high net wealth families to helping wealth managers better serve their clients via my role as the Associate Dean of an ABA accredited law school, Thomas Jefferson.  This year Thomas Jefferson School of Law will open its new $130 million dollar state-of-the-technology new campus in San Diego that will be able deliver via innovative ways interactive training and education to wealth managers across the nation, and the globe.  Over the coming year I will combine the cutting-edge technology of Thomas Jefferson law school, my online training expertise, and the National Underwriters best-of-class information services to deliver real-time fresh strategy and sales approaches to AUS subscribers, with followup webinars and training where subscriber interests warrants.”

Delivering the Competitive Advantage to Producers

Byrnes added, “National Underwriters/Summit Business Media wants to deliver an information service that will place its subscribers in a better competitive advantage.”  To this end National Underwriters has allowed me to assemble the industry’s finest editorial team in Investment Advisory, Wealth Management, and Risk Management.  I already have commitments from the two well known industry experts, investment-advisory attorney Robert Bloink, and the chair of the American Academy of Financial Management®, Dr. George Mentz, who will underpin this team”.

Robert Bloink’s Background

“I think it is critical for National Underwriters subscribers to know that Robert Bloink, one of two underpinning editorial team members, put in force in excess of $2B of longevity pegged portfolios for the insurance industry’s producers in the past five years.  Robert Bloink’s insurance practice incorporates sophisticated wealth transfer techniques, as well as counseling institutions in the context of their insurance portfolios and other mortality based exposures.  His success proves that he really has an unparalleled knowledge of the advanced insurance markets.”

“And in terms of risk management editorial expertise, I previously met Robert Bloink when he had just finished serving as Senior Attorney in the IRS Office of Chief Counsel, Large and Mid-Sized Business Division, where he litigated many cases in the U.S. Tax Court, served as Liaison Counsel for the Offshore Compliance Technical Assistance Program, coordinated examination programs audit teams on the development of issues for large corporate taxpayers and taught continuing education seminars to Senior Revenue Agents involved in Large Case Exams.  In his governmental capacity, Mr. Bloink became recognized as an expert in the taxation of financial structured products, and was responsible for the IRS’ first FSA addressing variable forward contracts. Mr. Bloink’s core competencies led to his involvement in prosecuting some of the biggest corporate tax shelters in the history or our country.”

Chartered Wealth Managers Endorse 

“It is also critical for National Underwriters subscribers who serve middle America to know that the editorial team has Dr. George Mentz, chair of the 50,000 affiliated members of the American Academy of Financial Management® (AAFM®), Byrnes said.”  In an interview with Dr. Mentz, he stated that “I am excited to introduce our membership of Chartered Wealth Managers to the competitive client advisory strategies of Advanced Underwriter Service® and Tax Facts®.”  The AAFM® has endorsed National Underwriters’ Advanced Underwriter Service® as the information service of choice for its board designation CWM®s (Chartered Wealth Manager) in all of its 150 countries of membership.

Panel of Experts

In describing the newly formed editorial team, Byrnes said “To provide AUS® subscriber examples of other experts who will round out various aspects of the new editorial team, let me introduce you to three others, Mike Rodman, Don Goode and Robert Stuchiner.  Mike Rodman is a three time qualifier for Top of The Table, MDRT’s highest honor, as well as a four-year member of the International Forum, and the Association of Advanced Underwriters (AALU). Rodman served as past president of NAIFA-San Diego as well as an active member of The Financial Planning Association (FPA), The Society of Financial Service Professionals (SFSP) and The National Association of Independent Life Brokerage Agencies (NAILBA).  He founded Advanced Planning Services, Inc. (APS) as “the Premier Advanced Sales and Advanced Underwriting organization” serving the entire industry, including producers, producer groups, and other agencies and carriers, for which it has been a two-time INC 500 winner.”

“Don Goode joined Potomac West, where he was instrumental in building their large case department.  Along with his partner, Don successfully designed and negotiated the Power Play program for American General, and most importantly to National Underwriter subscribers, his team lent support to the first agent in the history of the industry to ever receive more than $100mm in a single calendar year.  When he stepped down from partner status at Potomac West, Don accepted a one year contract to lead the sales and marketing department for the esteemed Producer’s Group.  Thereafter Don Goodman joined the Advanced Planning Division of the public company-Bisys-Potomac where he consistently produced individual policy transactions that were more than 20 times the company average.”

“Robert Stuchiner worked for some of the largest insurance companies, most recently AIG where he was Senior Vice President in charge of market development and strategy for the AIG Affluent Markets Group. He has also worked for consumers of insurance products ranging from large corporations (North American Phillips) to a major law firm (Davis, Polk & Wardwell).  Robert Stuchiner has published articles on life insurance products in “Trusts & Estates” magazine as well as “CCH” professional publications. He is a frequent speaker to the insurance industry associations. Robert is the winner of the “National Career Achievement Award” granted by the Lighthouse for the Blind.  

Community Calibration

Byrnes concluded the interview stating, “To bring AUS to the next level of becoming the industry’s leader for strategic information, this next six months is going to be about collaboration with AUS subscribers and calibration of the new information service to align to the feedback received from them.  John Frey, Head of National Underwriters Institutional Relationships, and I will reach out to establish a focus group of the enterprise-wide subscribers, as well as a focus group of the producers.” 

“Via my community-based feedback approach, the subscribers will drive AUS’ topic approach to strategic information, even receiving direct answers to ‘questions for the authors’ so that the producer may better address client questions either in the living room or in the board room.  AUS will be a subscriber-focused service, tailored to the needs of the producer to place more product with customers”.  Byrnes said that he welcomed feedback from current AUS subscribers and would provide his direct National Underwriters telephone number and email address on the AUS subscriber site.

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Immigration, Tax Planning, & AML Compliance for High Net Wealth Families & Executives

Posted by William Byrnes on June 6, 2010

The course instructors will “bridge the gap” between the often complex and quite intricate realm of international tax, estate planning, and immigration law. There is an obvious “nexus” between working professional immigrants, “high net worth immigrants,” and their financial dealings as to taxation and estate planning.  The course will first provide a survey of the foundational principles of U.S. international tax and estate planning.  The course will then provide a survey of relevant immigration visa categories, their status requirements, and “triggers” that have international tax and/or estate planning consequences.  Then the course will apply the legal principles with US case scenarios in order to establish a greater understanding between the “nexus” of international tax and immigration laws.

Next the instructors will lecture on the international movement of high net wealth executives and families: tax and immigration issues and strategies.  Finally the instructors will analyze the often overlooked overlap amongst financial reporting requirements, with a particular emphasis on the Patriot Act and related requirements.

Instructors: Prof. Fred Ongcapin is an Adjudications Officer (Policy) for the Policy and Regulation Management Division, Citizenship and Immigration Services, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Headquarters Office, Washington D.C. In his current position he has authored and led to the publishing of numerous national policy guidance memos and formal regulations as to immigration law for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. He also provides regular statutory and policy guidance concerning immigration policy for Citizenship and Immigration Services field offices throughout the country due to his subject matter expertise in immigration law. On several occasions, Fred has represented Citizenship and Immigration Services before senior policy level liaison meetings with the U.S. Department of State, U.S. Department of Justice, and certain Congressional Committees on Immigration.

Prof. Marshall Langer, the globally renown international tax author, lecturer and practitioner. Famed for Langer’s Practical International Tax Planning and for Rhoades & Langer U.S. International Tax and Treaties. Prof. Langer retired Of Counsel at the firm of Shutts & Bowen, London, England, and Miami, Florida.

Prof. William Byrnes has been an author and editor of 10 books and treatises and 17 chapters for Lexis-Nexis, Wolters Kluwer, Thomson-Reuters, Oxford University Press, Edward Elgar, and Wilmington. He is currently working on several Concept Maps for Lexis-Nexis Tax Law Center. This year he takes over as the author of National Underwriters’ Advanced Underwriting Service – the dominant information service in the insurance/financial planning industry with tens of thousands of subscribers.

In professional practice William Byrnes was a senior manager, then associate director of international tax for Coopers and Lybrand which subsequently amalgamated into PricewaterhouseCoopers, practicing in Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean. He has been commissioned and consulted by a number of governments on their tax and fiscal policy from policy formation to regime impact.

Delivery: 14 hours of live lecture and case studies via WIMBA web-conferencing – requires no download and works on PC/Mac.

Dates:  June 8, 15, 22 (Tues) 9pm-10pm (Eastern); June 29 (Tues) 9pm – midnight (Eastern); July 22 & 29 (Thurs) 10am-11am (Eastern); Aug. 5, 12, 19, 26 (Thurs) 9pm – 10pm (Eastern); Sept. 2 (Thurs) 9pm – 11pm (Eastern)

Recordings: all lectures are made available within 1 hour after class – on-demand video streaming and MP4 download until September 5th.

Contact: Prof. William Byrnes, Associate Dean – wbyrnes@tjsl.edu +1 (619) 297-9700 x 6955 for a registration form. Payments are only made by credit card to Thomas Jefferson School of Law. The fee is $49 per lecture hour ($686 for 14 hours) and includes electronic course materials.

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Certified International Tax Analyst

Posted by William Byrnes on May 14, 2010

Professional Designation: American Academy of Financial Management

Exam preparation: International Tax Planning & Risk Management course

Topics: Treaty Structures, Transfer Pricing, Risk Score Cards, Offshore Strategies and Compliance amongst others – taught via case studies

Delivery: 40 hours of live lecture and case studies – audio headsets for web conferencing

Start: May 24 (Monday) – end August 13 (Friday)

When: New York 11am – 12:30 pm (Eastern Time)

Recordings: all lectures are made available within 1 hour on-demand

Contact: Prof. William Byrnes, Associate Dean – wbyrnes@tjsl.edu   +1 (619) 297-9700 x 6955

Materials: tuition includes full Westlaw, Lexis, CCH, IBFD, Checkpoint, Orbitax and 20 other professional databases

Accreditation: applies toward the Legum Magister (LL.M.), Juris Scientiae Magister (J.S.M),  Scientiae Juridicae  Doctor (JSD) of Thomas Jefferson School of Law (San Diego)

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International Estate Planning & Immigration (summer course)

Posted by William Byrnes on May 2, 2010

Topics: Executive Compensation, High Net Wealth Families, Immigration, Estate Planning strategies and compliance

Delivery: 36 hours of live lecture and discussions – audio headsets required (online)

Start: May 28 (Friday) – end August 6 (Friday) – 11 weeks

When: most lectures’ times are weekdays at New York 11am / London 4pm / Paris 5pm / Dubai 7pm / Mumbai 8:30pm / Hong Kong 11pm

Recordings: all lectures are made available within 24 hours on-demand until August 27  

Instructors include: Richard Duke, Marshall Langer, Alfred Ongcapin, and others

Contact: Prof. William Byrnes, Associate Dean – wbyrnes@tjsl.edu to enroll

Enrollment: either as continuing education or as graduate program credit (graduate program credit includes full Westlaw, Lexis, CCH, IBFD, Checkpoint, Orbitax and 20 other professional databases)

Certification: applies toward the CTEP professional designation of the American Academy of Financial Management as disclosed for FINRA.

Accreditation: applies toward the Legum Magister, Juris Scientiae Magister, Scientiae Juridicae Doctor of Thomas Jefferson School of Law (San Diego) as disclosed for the American Bar Association.

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International Offshore Tax Planning – online lectures

Posted by William Byrnes on December 13, 2009

Course period: January 19th – April 9th (2 lectures weekly)

Lectures: 42 lecture hours using webcams / headsets with sharing of applications – also recorded for later on-demand viewing

Online Databases & Library: full access included to all international tax databases (IBFD, CCH, BNA, Checkpoint) and Westlaw/LexisNexis

International Tax Planning Software access and training included free to all delegates

Professional Designation: Certified International Tax Analyst™ (CITA) by the American Academy of Financial Management®

Contact: Assoc. Dean William Byrnes  wbyrnes@tjsl.edu  (619) 374-6955

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Chartered Anti Money Laundering Consultant™ (CAMC)

Posted by William Byrnes on December 8, 2009

Lecture Period: January 19th – April 9th 2010

Lectures: 42 lecture hours over 12 weeks using webcams / headsets (www.wimba.com) with sharing of applications – also recorded for later on-demand viewing.

Online Databases & Library: full access included

Course book: online

Professional Designation: by the American Academy® (www.aafm.us)

Contact: Assoc. Dean William Byrnes wbyrnes@tjsl.edu (619) 374-6955

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Chartered Wealth Manager® (CWM)

Posted by William Byrnes on December 7, 2009

Course length: January 18th – April 9th 2010

Lectures: 42 lecture hours over 12 weeks using webcams / headsets (www.wimba.com) with sharing of applications – also recorded for later on-demand viewing.

Online Databases & Library: full access included Course book: online Professional Designation: by the American Academy® (www.aafm.us)

Contact: Assoc. Dean William Byrnes wbyrnes@tjsl.edu (619) 374-6955

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Certified Risk Manager™ (CRM)

Posted by William Byrnes on December 7, 2009

Course date: January 18th – April 9th 2010

Lectures: 42 lecture hours using webcams / headsets (see www.wimba.com) with sharing of applications – also recorded for later on-demand viewing

Online Databases & Library: full access included

Course book: online

Professional Designation: by the American Academy® (www.aafm.us)

Contact: Assoc. Dean William Byrnes  wbyrnes@tjsl.edu  (619) 374-6955

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Certified International Tax Analyst™ (CITA)

Posted by William Byrnes on December 7, 2009

Course period: January 18th – April 9th 2010

Lectures: 42 lecture hours using webcams / headsets (see www.wimba.com) with sharing of applications – also recorded for later on-demand viewing

Online Databases & Library: full access included

Course book: online

Professional Designation: Certified International Tax Analyst™ (CITA) by the American Academy (www.aafm.us)

Contact: Assoc. Dean William Byrnes  wbyrnes@tjsl.edu  (619) 374-6955

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