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Interview with William H. Byrnes, IV, Associate Dean at Thomas Jefferson School of Law

Posted by William Byrnes on September 5, 2013

Professor William H. Byrnes was a pioneer of online legal education, creating the first LL.M. offered online through a law school accredited by the American Bar Association. Now as Associate Dean for Graduate & Distance Education Programs at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, Professor Byrnes teaches courses including Federal Tax, International Tax, and International Business Transactions. Professor Byrnes has an impressive record in academics and research, and was kind enough to set aside time to speak with MastersinAccounting.info

Read the full interview at > William Byrnes Interview <

How did your professional experiences shape your approach to the classroom?

As a Senior Manager then Associate Director of Coopers & Lybrand, a three year associate to a renowned senior figure in the international tax industry, and undertaking a three year fellowship at the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation on the topic of transfer pricing. I advised clients in many countries. Large diverse multinational groups required a robust sensitivity for intercultural business practices and social differences.

In the nineties, I was a tax professor in South Africa during the time of its change to a full democracy with the corresponding upheavals. During those years, I experienced the challenges of classroom integration of cultures, languages, and economic backgrounds. Moreover, being a pioneer of online education in the field of tax during those years, I developed a pedagogical understanding of knowledge and expertise acquisition, and of mapping education processes to learning outcomes. …. .

I bring all of these experiences holistically to a “flipped” classroom, learner-centered approach.  ….

Read the full interview at > William Byrnes Interview <

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video interview with William Byrnes

Posted by William Byrnes on August 16, 2013

When William Byrnes returned to the United States in 1998 to establish the International Finance and Taxation program leveraging online communication technologies, both international tax programs and distance learning programs were in their infancy. Through engaging a renown and talented faculty of industry professionals, and the support of an immensely engaged student body from professional and financial service firms, the international tax program blossomed over the past 15 years to become a cutting edge industry leader that it is today.

Just recently, National Law Journal wrote “Perhaps no one in legal academia has more experience with online master’s degrees than William Byrnes, Associate Dean for Graduate and Distance Education Programs at Thomas Jefferson School of Law.” (May 20, 2013)

His article that reviews the development of the first Internet delivered LL.M program in the United States may be downloaded at > William Byrnes’ SSRN academic page <

The article comprises four sections: In Part 1 the economics reasons for, and logistics considerations of, the Internet delivered Program are addressed. Part 2 reviews the pedagogical approach to legal education employed in the United States, criticisms thereof, and finally examines an emerging pedagogical trend in the United Kingdom. Part 3 reviews the teaching tools employed in the LL.M. Program, and Part 4 reviews the practical aspects of developing the LL.M. Program, obtaining ABA acquiescence, and reviews the Internet delivered law courses that came before it. Finally, the article concludes with some personal observations.

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Administrative Director of Graduate Programs

Posted by William Byrnes on February 18, 2011

Administrative Director of Graduate Programs


JOB TITLE: Administrative Director of Graduate Programs (previously LLM)

REPORTS TO: Associate Dean for Distance Education Programs

POSITION STATUS: Full-time, Exempt

GENERAL SUMMARY: Responsible for the coordination and support of the graduate distance education and continuing professional education programs with the departments of the central administration, including admissions, financial aid, business office, student services, information technology, and library. The Administrative Director is chiefly responsible for providing high level support to Associate Dean for Distance Education Programs and activities related to program development, relationship building with professional organizations, legal and financial institutions and individual students, and to the entrepreneurial activities related to the delivery of continuing education programming to a wide array of professionals globally.


• Coordinate the student registration process four times per year for new and current LLM and JSD candidates with the Registrar and within each course.

• Serve as one of three key point persons to handle the questions and needs of current and incoming graduate students, as well as those of working professionals seeking continuing education opportunities.

• Support adult learners through the processes and structures of engaging with financial aid, online learning systems such as blackboard and WIMBA, and online publisher databases via proxy access such as CCH.

• Serve as main point of contact for Embanet regarding operations: admissions, student registration and reconciliation.

• Developing quarterly contact list for leads and applicants and refreshing alumni contact list.

• Develop training materials for new students on technology and systems used in the program.

• Serve as main point of contact for faculty of the program in terms of their contracts and payment, scheduling of their classes and training on Wimba.

• Coordinate graduation for the LL.M. and JSD students, process their graduation forms, order their diplomas and certificates.

• Participate in supporting the collaborative entrepreneurial process of new program development and implementation via developing processes and protocols.

• Provide direct supervision to student workers, federal work study students and international interns who work for the Program to support above functions.

• Responsible for all administrative activities, working closely with other departments to ensure proper and timely processing and reporting related to programs.

• Provide support and organization for travel and entertainment.

• Other duties as assigned.


• Bachelor degree required, preferred graduate level or professional degree, in law, business or related area.

• Preferred 5 years working in the financial services with international experience.

• Must be comfortable working with senior partners and high level officials within the banking, finance, law, accounting, private business, and government arenas.

• Must have an understanding of asynchronous and synchronous distance technology education at the graduate level.

• Must have the ability to understand administrative and technical structures to ease adult learners through such processes and structures of financial aid, online learning systems such as blackboard and WIMBA, and online publisher databases via proxy access such as CCH.

• Multiple languages are a plus.


Full time, Monday through Friday, 40 hours per week. Nights and weekends as needed.


All contact must be with Lisa Chigos (lchigos@tjsl.edu). Send CV and cover letter.

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