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CaliBUG 2013 chooses Professor William Byrnes’ presentation on distance education pedagogy

Posted by William Byrnes on October 14, 2013


Last Spring, William Byrnes submitted a presentation proposal to the conference committee on the pedagogical reasons for, and addressing the challenges of, ‘flipping the classroom’, which was inevitably chosen for a forty minute slot.  William Byrnes pioneered online legal education in 1995, thereafter creating the first online LL.M. offered by an ABA accredited law school.   He is a key founding member of the Work Group for Distance Education in Legal Education that in 2013 published “Distance Learning in Legal Education: A Summary of Delivery Models, Regulatory Issues and Recommended Practices”.

William Byrnes said “I invited Jason Fiske to tag team the presentation wherein we swap back and forth at couple minute intervals to continually refresh audience interest.  Listening to one speaker for forty minutes can lead to distraction, fractionating between two complementary styles and perspectives allows the audience to refocus attention.”

William Byrnes and Jason Fiske presented on the topic of flipping the classroom at CaliBUG 2013 held October 11 in San Diego.  CaliBug had 280 attendants this year from California higher education institutions, representing administration and faculty of universities and colleges, as well as some So Cal public high schools.

Byrnes added, “I spoke to the pedagogical justification of flipping the classroom while Jason illustrated through examples how we are flipping the classroom.  By example, we showed captured  screens of videos, study guides, discussion forums, and assessment techniques.”

He continued, “I think it is important to start such distance education discussions by presenting the findings of the US Department of Education Evaluation of Evidence-Based Practices in Online Learning –

A Meta-Analysis and Review of Online Learning Studies:

 “the meta-analysis of 50 study effects, 43 of which were drawn from research with older learners, found that students in online conditions performed modestly better, on average, than those learning the same material through traditional face-to-face instruction.’

 “Also during the presentation I drop in the quote from another article that:

 ‘Diverse groups of problems solvers – groups of people with diverse tools – consistently outperform groups of the best & the brightest’.”

 Jason Fiske chimed in, “the presentation today, and the massive interest in the system we are creating shows how the online Graduate Programs continue to lead as thought innovators and leaders in the continually evolving field of online education.”

Byrnes added, “Several institutions’ faculty approached us afterwards to establish follow up conversations.  CaliBUG has presented a very good opportunity for cross-fertilization with public universities in Southern California, like the UCs and Community Colleges, that are now exploring how best to leverage distance education to accomplish their missions of public education, as well as the private universities in attendance like USC, Loyola, and our neighbor USD.”


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Interview with William H. Byrnes, IV, Associate Dean at Thomas Jefferson School of Law

Posted by William Byrnes on September 5, 2013

Professor William H. Byrnes was a pioneer of online legal education, creating the first LL.M. offered online through a law school accredited by the American Bar Association. Now as Associate Dean for Graduate & Distance Education Programs at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, Professor Byrnes teaches courses including Federal Tax, International Tax, and International Business Transactions. Professor Byrnes has an impressive record in academics and research, and was kind enough to set aside time to speak with MastersinAccounting.info

Read the full interview at > William Byrnes Interview <

How did your professional experiences shape your approach to the classroom?

As a Senior Manager then Associate Director of Coopers & Lybrand, a three year associate to a renowned senior figure in the international tax industry, and undertaking a three year fellowship at the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation on the topic of transfer pricing. I advised clients in many countries. Large diverse multinational groups required a robust sensitivity for intercultural business practices and social differences.

In the nineties, I was a tax professor in South Africa during the time of its change to a full democracy with the corresponding upheavals. During those years, I experienced the challenges of classroom integration of cultures, languages, and economic backgrounds. Moreover, being a pioneer of online education in the field of tax during those years, I developed a pedagogical understanding of knowledge and expertise acquisition, and of mapping education processes to learning outcomes. …. .

I bring all of these experiences holistically to a “flipped” classroom, learner-centered approach.  ….

Read the full interview at > William Byrnes Interview <

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Brazil – U.S. Legal Education Exchange Program (LEEP)

Posted by William Byrnes on July 30, 2011

Brazil-U.S. Legal Education Exchange Program (LEEP)


On Thursday, July 28, the 72 Brazilian lawyers who studied at Thomas Jefferson School of Law for the month said “adeus” to the law school and to each other in a closing ceremony in the Earl B. Gilliam Moot Court Room.

“It’s the end of a journey but it’s the beginning of a new journey,” said Carla McEwen, the director of the Brazilian exchange program at TJSL. “

“We are privileged to have been able to accommodate you for the past month,” William Byrnes, Associate Dean for Distance Learning, told the lawyers, who were here to study the U.S. legal system as well as learn something about American culture. “We hope we have created lasting relationships between the United States and Brazil.”

The program is formally called the Brazil – U.S. Legal Education Exchange Program (LEEP), and this was its first year of operation. Next year, Thomas Jefferson students will be going to Brazil to study and more Brazilian lawyers will be coming to San Diego.

“I am very, very glad I participated in the program,” said Barbara Gimenez, one of the participants. “I highly recommend it to my colleagues in Brazil.”

“It was a good overview of the U.S. legal system,” according to Julia Cadete, another participant. “The course fulfilled its goals.”

Luiz Fabricio said it was an enlightening experience for him. “I not only found out about the U.S. legal system, but I got to know the lovely San Diego and its many wonders.”

“We were learning every moment we were here,” said Franciann Araujo, “even when we were not in the classroom. It wasn’t just a legal exchange, but a cultural exchange as well.”

Carla McEwen was happy the students benefitted from the program, adding “we did benefit greatly too.” She is “very sad to see them go,” but has a sense of accomplishment that the exchange program went so well. “We fulfilled our mission.”

Members of the Attorney General Union (AGU), Central Bank, SUSEP (Seguros), and members of the Sao Paolo Bar may contact William Byrnes at wbyrnes@tjsl.edu or Carla McEwen (mcewenc@tjsl.edu) for more information for sessions in November 2011 (Central Bank only), January 2012 (all government) and next July 2012.

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CAASP firma convênio com a Thomas Jefferson School of Law, da San Diego Califórnia (EUA)

Posted by William Byrnes on May 10, 2011

Inscritos na OAB-SP têm desconto de 20% em curso internacional que começa no dia 5 de julho

A Caixa de Assistência dos Advogados de São Paulo (CAASP), por meio do seu Clube de Serviços, acaba de formalizar parceria com a Thomas Jefferson School of Law (TJSL), de San Diego, Califórnia (EUA). Agora, os inscritos na OAB-SP têm desconto de 20% no curso de verão “Introdução ao Sistema Legal Norte-Americano” (Introduction to US Legal System), que será ministrado de 5 a 28 de julho. Em vez dos US$2 mil usuais, os advogados paulistas pagarão apenas US$1,6 mil. Há também oferta de estadia por valores diferenciados.

Para se matricular, o advogado deve cumprir o seguinte procedimento: no endereçowww.tjsl.edu/graduate/caasp, acionar o aplicativo TJSL/SC/2011, imprimir e preencher a ficha de inscrição. Em seguida, é preciso escanear o documento e enviá-lo para mcewenc@tjsl.edu, endereço eletrônico da professora Carla Lima de Castro McEwen, coordenadora pedagógica do curso.

“O curso habilita para o Exame da Califórnia Bar Association e conta com renomados professores norte-americanos, além da advogada brasileira Carla McEwen, coordenadora pedagógica, que garantirá aos brasileiros todo o suporte necessário em língua portuguesa”, destaca o assessor para Assuntos Institucionais da CAASP, George Augusto Niaradi. “Com mais esta parceria na esfera educacional, a Caixa prossegue em uma de suas linhas prioritárias, que é disponibilizar a todos os segmentos da advocacia paulista cursos que supram sua necessidade de atualização permanente”, afirma o presidente da Caixa de Assistência, Fábio Romeu Canton Filho.

O curso “Introdução ao Sistema Legal Norte-Americano” proporciona uma visão geral da linguagem norte-americana sobre o sistema jurídico baseado na jurisprudência (commom law). O aluno tem a oportunidade de conhecer a estrutura da linguagem jurídica usada na prática legal nos Estados Unidos em petições, apelações ou correspondências, além de participar de uma série de palestras. A programação contempla 15 horas semanais de aulas presenciais e 15 horas semanais de pesquisa e estudos.

A Thomas Jefferson School of Law nasceu em 1969 como campus de San Diego, na Califórnia, da Western University College of Law, tendo evoluído até tonar-se uma escola  de Direito de ponta, assim reconhecida tanto por estudantes dos Estados Unidos quanto de diversas partes do mundo. Um fato marcante na história recente da TJSL é a construção de um moderníssimo campus em San Diego Downtown East Village, perto do coração da comunidade jurídica da cidade. As primeiras aulas nas novas instalações foram ministradas em janeiro de 2011. Dotada de um corpo docente de classe mundial, a TJSL conta com três centros de excelência acadêmica: o Center for Global Legal Studies, o Centro para o Direito e Propriedade Intelectual e  Centro de Direito e da Justiça Social – todos os três centros têm alcançado destaque em suas áreas por meio de ofertas de cursos e programas de extensão.

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information session webinar – graduate online degrees

Posted by William Byrnes on December 23, 2010

archive recording of our 15 December information session webinar

  • International Tax
  • Financial Services
  • Wealth Management
  • Compliance & Anti-Money Laundering

Request an application or a continuing education enrollment form.  If you have any curricular questions, I can discuss via Skype or telephone.

While the program will be online video-conference, if you should have the opportunity to visit our new campus it is considered one of the best for collaborative technology and research.

Regards – William Byrnes, Assoc. Dean – Graduate Programs & Distance Learning

Thomas Jefferson School of Law,  1155 Island Avenue, San Diego California 92101

Tel: +1 (619) 374-6955  skype: professorbyrnes

New 178,000 sq ft academic building: http://www.tjsl.edu/about-tjsl/our-new-campus

New 46,000 sq ft lifestyle spa & gym http://www.fitathletic.com/sandiego/home.php

New 178 unit student-residence http://www.entrada453.com/

New central library directly behind our new campus http://granicus.sandiego.gov/ASX.php?publish_id=897&sn=granicus.sandiego.gov (view the architectural rendering videos of the library of the future)

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