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Importance and Value of Professional Designations and Board Certifications in the United States and Globally

Posted by William Byrnes on January 21, 2011

Why Accredited Program Exams &  Education matter.  Brief History of Professional Designations in the USA and Why Certification Matters

These days it is becoming more and more important to have an accredited degree along with certifications, graduate credentials, specializations, or other professional designations.  Many of todays  industry professionals  have the term “Board Certified” or certified on their resume which shows that they have completed the requirements for certification under the standards of an Independent Regulatory Body .

Certification bodies, honor societies, and Self Regulatory Organizations have been in existence for several hundred years in the United States.   Honors, awards, designations, certifications, and other non-government regulated credentials has been well recognized  since “academic honor societies” became popular over 200 years ago in the USA i.e. PBK Honor Society in year 1776.

Further, professional designations in the last 30 years have become almost a requirement to be hired into many job areas of: banking, insurance, project management, risk management, business, law, finance, and various other fields.

AAFM ®  American Academy of Financial Management®, a global certification standards body,  was the first to require program exams and courses from a government recognized and  double accredited business schools by creating legal  articulation agreements directly with Governmental Bodies and Accreditation Bodies.

Under US government laws, individuals generally must be registered with some federal or state governmental licensing authority  before working in a regulated field such as law or accounting.  However, corporations, state bar associations and accounting societies allow their members to  use other professional certifications after your name.  e.g.  John Doe, MBA, CWM ®

Overall, if you research the  ACBSP – The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs www.ACBSP.org, The American Bar Association ABA, or other  accredited business schools in North or South America, we find that double accredited programs maintain the highest admissions requirements, educational standards, and testing & assessment criteria in the world.  These top business schools are also recognized by the Government sanctioned CHEA Council of Higher Education  through the US Government’s  DOE Department of Education.

Thus, there is a continued new movement toward applying to and beginning or entering specific degree or accredited business programs with the intent to earn specialized-graduate certifications while actually working toward a diploma or degree.   Some certifications, such as AAFM®, may even count toward credit for a Graduate Degree.

As for trends, research shows that more and more of the TOP ranked accredited institutions will continue to move toward integrating independent “graduate certifications”, diplomas, charters, and even joint certification programs with external certification bodies.

Below are typical benefits for holding certifications taken from the AAFM® American Academy Website.

Sample Benefits of Professional Certification from AAFM ®  International Board of Standards

  • Gain Recognition from an Independent  “Professional Certifying Body”
  • Use Post-Nominal Credentials after your name on your business cards.
  • Addition of Certification Marks after your on your Resume, CV, & Promotional Materials.  Ex. John Doe, MFP Master Financial Planner
  • Achieve an accredited degree-based designation that rewards you for your professional exams,  education, hard work and experience.
  • Protect your job security by achieving graduate recognition from: an independent, vendor-neutral, globally recognized authority and standards body.
  • Promote Advanced Specialization Skills  in your resume and  portfolio of credentials
  • Enhance your digital resume with key memberships, awards,  and industry recognized qualifications.
  • Certifications and knowledge expansion have been proven to increase your professional image and salary potential.
  • Advanced Standing to Publish research in the journal or websites as a Certified Member.
  • Assist in work helping charity, governments, the United Nations, or  NGOs through our volunteer and outreach programs.
  • Use  our private career network of:  job alerts, advice, communications and job tools.
  • CPE continuing professional education from any affiliated business school.
  • Networking with members in more than 150 Countries via online or conferences.
  • The AAFM ® Certification body has international alliances with Leading Associations in Arabia, Asia, Africa, India, China, Asia, Singapore and more.
  • The AAFM ® Official Approved Annual Conference is a TOP Global Conferences in Business, Management, Finance, Economics, Leadership and more.
  • Become a Fellow or Advisor of the Academy and Institute.
  • Professional Online Networks with LinkedIn
  • Can show others that the Holder of certification has achieved Double Accredited Education from a government recognized business school such as ACBSP.
  • Certifications are verified online globally to improve your ability to be hired &  screened through our Certification Verification System
  • Certifications help your resume to be found in the digital world of “Search”.
  • Qualified Board Certifications are allowed by State Bar Associations and The AICPA State Accounting Bodies.

Prof. Mentz, who is CEO of the AAFM ® American Academy and a licensed US attorney stated, “Board Certification that is backed by “double accredited business program’s exams and education” is the confirmation which validates your hard work and expertise, and tells the world that your graduate certification has met the highest global accreditation standards for business education under the US Department of Education and CHEA governmental standards.”


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