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Posted by William Byrnes on August 21, 2014


SEC Charges Golfing Buddy with Insider Trading Ahead of Bank Acquisition

O’Neill tipped Robert H. Bray, a fellow golfer with whom he socialized at a local country club. In the two weeks preceding a public announcement about the planned acquisition, Bray sold his shares in other stocks to accumulate funds he used to purchase Wainwright securities.

Barclays Bank adds to its new global financial crime unit

Joe Smith, Wells Fargo’s deputy money-laundering reporting officer and financial crime reporting officer, will join Barclays as a vice-president in October.

Is the UK elimination of criminal intent for criminal prosecution of tax non-compliance sound ? Is tax non-compliance equal with ‘Cruelty to Animals’ and ‘Illegal Guns’?

The Government has announced its intention to introduce a new strict liability criminal offence. This consultation seeks views on the design of this offence.


The UK Government has announced its intention to introduce a new strict liability criminal offence, similar to the crime of cruelty to animals.

Strict liability offences 

2.5 A strict liability offence is a criminal offence where it is not necessary for the court to ascertain the state of mind of the defendant before convicting.

Box 1: Other strict liability offences 

There are several existing offences which can be construed to imply strict liability, including some carrying custodial sentences. These include, for example: …

Cruelty to animals, including the offences of causing unnecessary suffering while transporting an animal or holding it at a market; ….



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