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TaxFacts Intelligence Weekly – Actionable Analysis for Financial Advisors (August 15th release)

Posted by William Byrnes on August 16, 2019

Tuition Waiver for International Tax Online Courses (more information here) Texas A&M University School of Law International Tax online curriculum. Deadline is August 26 to apply, Transcripts must be received by September 3.  Books free as well, as well as access to LexisNexis and Texas A&M’s online tax library.

DOL Releases Final MEP Regulations

The DOL has released its final regulations governing multiple employer plans (MEPs). In general, to qualify as an MEP under the final regulations, a plan must satisfy five basic requirements. First, the association must have at least one substantial business purpose that is not related to offering the plan. The employer-members of the association must control its activities and any employers that participate in the MEP must control the MEP in substance and in form, directly or indirectly. The association must adopt a formal organizational structure. Only employees of the association’s employer-members and certain working owners may participate in the MEP. Finally, some commonality of interest must exist between the employers participating in the MEP, such as the same industry or geographic location. The regulations are effective September 30, 2019. For more information on small business retirement planning options, visit Tax Facts Online. Read More

IRS Announces Campaign Aimed at Holders of Virtual Currency

The IRS has announced that it will begin sending letters to holders of various forms of cryptocurrency informing those taxpayers of potential misreporting (or failure to report) on virtual currency transactions. The IRS advises taxpayers who receive such a letter to review past tax filings to uncover any errors or underreporting, and amend those returns in order to pay back taxes, interest and penalties as soon as possible. These letters are part of a larger campaign designed by the IRS to crack down on misreporting or underreporting of virtual currency transactions, which are currently taxed according to the rules governing transactions in property. For more information on the tax treatment of virtual currency, visit Tax Facts Online. Read More

IRS Provides Summertime Tax Checkup Tips

The IRS has released a list of summertime tax tips to help clients avoid surprises as we move closer to the end of the summer, especially with respect to part-time and seasonal workers. The IRS reminds business owners of the need to withhold Social Security and Medicare taxes from part-time and seasonal employees’ pay even if the worker is unlikely to meet the federal income tax filing threshold. Further, business owners must pay close attention to properly classifying these workers as either employees or independent contractors, remembering that independent contractors, although not subject to withholding, are required to pay their own Social Security and Medicare taxes, in addition to applicable income taxes. For more information on the Social Security and Medicare tax requirements, visit Tax Facts Online. Read More


2019’s Tax Facts Offers a Complete Web, App-Based, and Print Experience

Tax Facts, authored by renown experts William Byrnes and Robert Bloink, for 60 years continues to be the leading tax book and online strategic client resource for the financial professional and advanced products underwriter industry. Reducing complicated tax questions to understandable answers that can be immediately put into a client’s solution. Contact customer service: TaxFactsHelp@alm.com800-543-0874


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