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Transfer Pricing case studies online course Jan 13 – Apr 19 (live Zoom based classes, small team groups)

Posted by William Byrnes on December 13, 2019

Interested to join one of the case study teams for TRANSFER PRICING taught live online, using Zoom, by Dr. Lorraine Eden, Prof. William Byrnes, and many industry experts January 13 – April 19. The courses are for tax attorneys, accountants, or economists and count toward the Texas A&M INTERNATIONAL TAX online Master curriculum.

The class is divided into teams of 3 or 4 students, each team meets internally using Zoom to prepare a team response and presentation for a real-world post-BEPS client study. Then the entire class meets twice each week: (A) on Wednesdays to discuss the case study with the Subject Matter Expert and Prof. William Byrnes, and (B) on Sundays each team presents interactively their positions and solutions in a friendly rivalry against the other teams, facilitated by William Byrnes and the Subject Matter Expert professor.  Students are provided textbook materials, videos with PPT, and podcasts, while learning to use a robust online law & business database library. The weekly lead Subject Matter Experts listed below and several more will be joining to explain specific tools and issues.

To apply for the transfer pricing courses and international tax courses, contact Jeff Green, Graduate Programs Coordinator, T: +1 (817) 212-3866, E: jeffgreen@law.tamu.edu or contact David Dye, Assistant Dean of Graduate Programs, T (817) 212-3954, E: ddye@law.tamu.edu. Texas A&M Admissions website: https://law.tamu.edu/distance-education/international-tax  (applications with all previous degree academic transcripts must be received by Admissions before Wednesday January 8th at 5pm Texas time)

Texas A&M Law offers the premier online program in international tax with a multidisciplinary, risk-management-focused approach. Our TP Aggiesunique, industry-based online curriculum is vetted by and focuses on the needs of multinational corporations, large firms, and governments. Though one of the largest U.S. public universities of 70,000 students and an annual budget exceeding $6 billion (FY2020), Texas A&M’s international tax curriculum offers small class sizes (maximum 30) to ensure personal faculty and in-class engagement. Smaller class sizes also allow stronger engagement and connections to develop among classmates who learn from each other’s corporate experiences.

  • Class meeting time is 60  – 120 minutes each Wednesday and Sunday at Central (Texas) time 08:00 (am) (i.e. 15:00 Paris; 18:00 Dubai; 22:00 Shanghai). The sessions are normally recorded if students are unable to attend because of client commitments or must sign off early.
            Capstone Week April 20 – 26: students teams build case studies that winning teams can present next year in the courses

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