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Byrnes & Bloink’s TaxFacts Intelligence Weekly for Financial Advisors (Jan 30, 2020)

Posted by William Byrnes on January 30, 2020

Texas A&M University School of Law has launched its online wealth management, risk management, and international tax risk management graduate curricula for industry professionals. Apply now for Summer courses that begin late May  Texas A&M University is a public university and is ranked 1st among public universities for its superior education at an affordable cost (Fiske, 2018) and ranked 1st of Texas public universities for best value (Money, 2018). To apply for Summer, contact Jeff Green, Graduate Programs Coordinator, T: +1 (817) 212-3866, E: jeffgreen@law.tamu.edu or contact David Dye, Assistant Dean of Graduate Programs, T (817) 212-3954, E: ddye@law.tamu.edu. Texas A&M Admissions website: https://law.tamu.edu/distance-education/

Editor’s Note:
A couple of interesting developments this week. The NAIC action towards creating a best interest standard for annuity sales follows moves by several states (most notably New York with its new Regulation 187) to create similar rules. While the NAIC has not yet taken any definitive action in this area, in the words of Bob Dylan “you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.”

We also have more SECURE Act updates. The Act upped the penalties for anyone filing a Form 5500, and it has also expanded (again, following the 2017 tax reform law) the possible uses for 529 pans, making them an even more valuable planning tool.

NAIC Committee Votes to Pass Best Interest Standard for Annuity Sales

The Life Insurance and Annuities Committee of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) voted to pass a “best interest” standard that would apply to annuity sales. The NAIC standard would be contained in a model that could be passed by states to create a more uniform approach nationwide. The model law would focus on four key concepts: (1) duty of care, (2) disclosure obligations, (3) conflicts of interest and (4) documentation requirements. For more information on the factors that are important to determining whether an annuity is in a client’s best interest, visit Tax Facts Online. Read More

SECURE Act Increases Cost of Failing to File Form 5500

Form 5500 is a form that must be filed by most employers that offer an employee benefit plan subject to ERISA (exceptions do apply). The SECURE Act has significantly increased the penalties that the IRS may assess for failure to file (note that the DOL may also assess penalties. For more information on when a Form 5500 may be required, visit Tax Facts Online. Read More

SECURE Act Increases 529 Plan Value

The SECURE Act, which primarily impacts retirement-related provisions, also expands upon the permissible uses of Section 529 plan dollars to include apprenticeships and student loan payments. For more information on the use of 529 plan funds, visit Tax Facts Online. Read More

2020’s Tax Facts Offers a Complete Web, App-Based, and Print Experience

Reducing complicated tax questions to understandable answers that can be immediately put into real-life practice, Tax Facts works when and where you need it….on your desktop, at home on your laptop, and on the go through your tablet or smartphone.  Questions? Contact customer service: TaxFactsHelp@alm.com800-543-0874

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