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Byrnes & Bloink’s TaxFacts Intelligence Weekly for Financial Advisors (Jan 29, 2020)

Posted by William Byrnes on January 29, 2020

Texas A&M University School of Law has launched its online wealth management, risk management, and international tax risk management graduate curricula for industry professionals. Apply now for Summer courses that begin late May  Texas A&M University is a public university and is ranked 1st among public universities for its superior education at an affordable cost (Fiske, 2018) and ranked 1st of Texas public universities for best value (Money, 2018). To apply for Summer, contact Jeff Green, Graduate Programs Coordinator, T: +1 (817) 212-3866, E: jeffgreen@law.tamu.edu or contact David Dye, Assistant Dean of Graduate Programs, T (817) 212-3954, E: ddye@law.tamu.edu. Texas A&M Admissions website: https://law.tamu.edu/distance-education/

Editor’s Note:

Several interesting updates this week, including New Jersey’s unique approach to SALT taxes, which allows optional entity-level taxation for pass-throughs in exchange for individual tax credits to be distributed to the members. We also see a new IRS Gig Economy Tax Center and the elimination of the “one bad apple” rule for MEPs with the SECURE Act.

Did we see you at the Heckerling estate planning conference last week? It was a week of warm sunshine and hot (well, OK, at least interesting) tax and estate planning developments. Happy planning!

Latest in the SALT Cap Saga: New Jersey Passes Pass-through Entity Tax Workaround

In the latest in the ongoing SALT cap debate, New Jersey has passed a new law creating an optional entity-level tax for pass-through entities. The New Jersey law allows pass-through entities to elect taxation at the entity level. In exchange, the members are given a refundable gross income tax credit. For more information on the SALT cap, visit Tax Facts Online. Read More

IRS Announces New “Gig Economy” Tax Center

More workers than ever are working in the gig, or freelance, economy–whether full-time or simply to supplement regular income. To keep up with the growing gig industry, the IRS has developed a new tool to help gig workers better understand and comply with their tax obligations. Taxpayers can access the site through irs.gov. For more information on the self-employment tax, visit Tax Facts Online. Read More

SECURE Act Eliminates the “One Bad Apple” Rule for MEPs—With Conditions

The one bad apple rule presented one of the primary roadblocks for small business owners interested in the multiple employer plan (MEP) structure. The SECURE Act provides that if one employer’s actions would disqualify the plan, only that employer’s portion of the MEP will be disqualified. For more information, visit Tax Facts Online. Read More

2020’s Tax Facts Offers a Complete Web, App-Based, and Print Experience

Reducing complicated tax questions to understandable answers that can be immediately put into real-life practice, Tax Facts works when and where you need it….on your desktop, at home on your laptop, and on the go through your tablet or smartphone.  Questions? Contact customer service: TaxFactsHelp@alm.com800-543-0874


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