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U.S. and E.U. International Tax, Transfer Pricing Courses Start Jan 19, 2021

Posted by William Byrnes on November 24, 2020

Based on weekly case studies created by the faculty, supported by reading/text materials, pre-recorded videos with PPTs, and audio podcast files made by the faculty – twice-weekly Zoom live sessions (recorded as well) of 90 – 120 minutes wherein students in teams work through the case studies generally from an assigned stakeholder perspective. Access to the extensive Texas A&M library for case study research includes by example: Lexis, Westlaw, IBFD, Kluwer-Cheetah, Thomson OneSource, BvD (Moodys), S&P CapIQ, FITCH, among several others. Apply for Texas A&M’s courses here.

  • Transfer Pricing Risk Management I Tangibles, Methods, Economics, and Data
  • Transfer Pricing Risk Management II: Intangibles, Services, Pillar 1/Digital, Formulary
  • U.S. Tax Risk Management (Data, Analytics & Technology)
  • E.U. Tax Risk Management

U.S. Tax Risk Management (Data, Analytics & Technology) syllabus

E.U. Tax Risk Management syllabus

  • Week 1 March 8, 2021 E.U. General Framework of Compliance Tax Risk Management Dr. Eva Andrés (Barcelona)
  • Week 2 March 15, 2021 Parent Subsidiary Directive, Interest, Royalties. Dr. Santiago Ibañez Marcilla
  • Week 3 March 22, 2021 The European Union proposal on a carbon border tax and its compatibility with the World Trade Organization rules Dr. Xavier Fernández Pons
  • Week 4 March 29, 2021 Free Movement of Capital (investment funds) and others Fundamental Freedoms. Dr. Eva Andrés & Dr. Andreu Olesti
  • Week 5 April 5, 2021 Cross-Border Losses – Dr. Bruno Da Silva
  • Week 6 April 12, 2021 ATAD, DAC 6, Abuse – Dr. Bruno da Silva
  • Capstone Week April 19-25: Build a client case study, wrap up

Transfer Pricing Risk Management: Tangibles, Methods, Economics, and Data (William Byrnes course materials) syllabus

  • Week 1 January 19 Arm’s Length Standard (v Formulary Approach) Dr. Bruno Da Silva & William Byrnes
  • Week 2 Jan 25 CUP & Comparables Dr. Lorraine Eden
  • Week 3 Feb 1 Cost Plus & Resale Minus Dr. George Salis
  • Week 4 Feb 8: Comparable Profits Method & TNMMDr. George Salis
  • Week 5 Feb 15 Profit Split Dr. George Salis
  • Week 6 Feb 22 Best Method Dr. Lorraine Eden
  • Capstone Week March 1

Transfer Pricing Risk Management: Intangibles and Services (William Byrnes course materials) syllabus

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