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U.S. IRS Data for Country-by-Country Reports, Tax Year 2017 and 2016

Posted by William Byrnes on December 20, 2019

Six new tables presenting data from Form 8975, Country-by-Country Report, and Form 8975 Schedule A, Tax Jurisdiction and Constituent Entity Information, are now available on SOI’s Tax Stats Web page. The tables present data from the estimated population of corporate and partnership returns filed for Tax Year 2017. Five tables display the number of filers, revenues, profit, income taxes, earnings, number of employees, and tangible assets. The first three tables are classified by major geographic region and selected tax jurisdiction. The fourth table is classified by major industry group, geographic region, and select tax jurisdiction. The fifth table is classified by effective tax rate of multinational enterprise subgroups. A sixth table displays number of constituent entities classified by major geographic region, selected tax jurisdiction, and main business activities.

Country-by-Country Report: Tax Jurisdiction Information

Data Presented: Number of Filers, Revenues, Profit, Income Taxes, Earnings, Number of Employees, Tangible Assets

Classified by: Major Geographic Region and Selected Tax Jurisdiction
Tax Years: 2017 | 2016
Classified by: Major Geographic Region and Selected Tax Jurisdiction with Positive Profit Before Income Tax
Tax Years:  2017 | 2016
Classified by: Major Geographic Region and Selected Tax Jurisdiction with Negative or Zero Profit Before Income Tax
Tax Years: 2017 | 2016
Classified by: Major Industry Group, Geographic Region, and Selected Tax Jurisdiction
Tax Years: 2017 | 2016
Classified by: Effective Tax Rate of Multinational Enterprise Sub-groups
Tax Years: 2017 | 2016

Country-by-Country Report: Constituent Entities

Data Presented: Number of Constituent Entities

Classified by: Major Geographic Region, Selected Tax Jurisdiction, and Main Business Activities
Tax Years: 2017 | 2016

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William Byrnes’ completely revised 4th Edition Practical Guide to U.S. Transfer Pricing (2020) has been expanded to 2,000 pages of analyses and practice notes, 47 chapters divided over six parts: Part I: U.S. regulatory analysis, application of transfer pricing methods, and jurisprudence; Part II: OECD; Part III: United Nations; Part IV: European Union; Part V: Industry topics; and Part VI: Country practice and tax risk management. Professor Byrnes brings together 50 of the industry’s eminent transfer pricing counsel, economists, and financial accountants to provide a comprehensive two-volume “go-to” resource for tax risk management.

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The class of a maximum of 18 students will be grouped into teams of 3 students each. The 6 teams meet using Zoom to prepare a weekly TP Aggiespresentation to respond to a real-world post-BEPS client study. Then all teams meet together online via Zoom twice each week at 8:00am Dallas time Wednesdays and Sundays to discuss and present the case study solutions. Students are provided without charge textbook materials, videos with PPT, and podcasts, and granted access to a large online law & business database library including Lexis, Bloomberg, IBFD, Kluwer/CCH, Thomson, among many other tax resources.

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