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LTC’s Future Lies in New Crop of Hybrid Products

Posted by William Byrnes on December 30, 2013

When it comes to long-term care coverage, advising risk-adverse clients has historically required a balancing act that many traditional long-term care insurance (LTCI) policies simply are not cut out for. In weighing the need for coverage against the risk of a lost investment, clients frequently decide against obtaining coverage.

Fortunately, changes in the long-term care marketplace have recently inspired a new crop of products that can alleviate some concerns of clients who are already feeling the pinch of a persistently low interest rate economy. While longer lifespans and the ever-increasing cost of care have led to dramatically higher LTCI costs, new asset-based products can allow your clients to obtain affordable coverage on an almost risk-free basis, with features and tax-preferences that will likely tip the scales in favor of coverage for even the most cautious of clients.

Read the analysis of Prof. William Byrnes and Robert Bloink at ThinkAdvisor !

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How to Build Your Own Solution to Long-Term Care Insurance Scarcity

Posted by William Byrnes on September 10, 2013

A basic problem for clients looking for long-term care insurance today is that they simply may not be able to find it. Major carriers have pulled out of the market in the last year, and the policies that remain can be prohibitively expensive and contain strict qualification requirements.

Fortunately, the product market is evolving so that a relatively new method of securing tax-preferred long-term care benefits has emerged. Hybrid annuity products that combine the estate and income planning features of an annuity with the protection of long-term care insurance are becoming increasingly popular among clients looking for replacement insurance.

Read William Byrnes’ analysis of building your own solution to long-term care insurance at > The Law Professor Column of Think Advisor <


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Long-term Care Insurance Reform Act of 2010

Posted by William Byrnes on September 4, 2010

If enacted, Congressman Lloyd Doggett’s proposed H.R. 5890, the Long-term Care Insurance Reform Act of 2010 (Long-Term Care Act), would have a drastic impact on insurers and producers who sell long-term care insurance.

Today’s analysis by our Experts Robert Bloink and William Byrnes is located at AdvisorFX Journal Long-term Care Insurance Reform Act of 2010

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