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complimentary download Lexis’ FATCA Guide Chapter 1

Posted by William Byrnes on May 8, 2014

complimentary chapter download: http://www.lexisnexis.com/store/images/samples/9780769853734.pdf

(Chapter updates since November 2013 are available at https://profwilliambyrnes.com/category/fatca/)book cover

The LexisNexis® Guide to FATCA Compliance (2nd Edition) comprises 34 Chapters of the analysis of 50 FATCA experts grouped in three parts: compliance program (Chapters 1–4), analysis of FATCA regulations (Chapters 5–16) and analysis of Intergovernmental Agreements (IGAs) and local law compliance requirements (Chapters 17–34), including  information exchange protocols and systems.  The 34 chapters include many practical examples to assist a compliance officer contextualize the regulations, IGA provisions, and national rules enacted pursuant to an IGA.  Chapters include by example an in-depth analysis of the categorization of trusts pursuant to the Regulations and IGAs, operational specificity of the mechanisms of information capture, management and exchange by firms and between countries, and insights as to the application of FATCA and the IGAs for BRIC and European country chapters.  

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One Response to “complimentary download Lexis’ FATCA Guide Chapter 1”

  1. I actually enjoyed reading this first chapter. Refreshingly unacademic, the average college graduate should easily grasp the history and protocol behind this most recent multi-national attempt at reining in tax fraud and abuse. As an independent political science scholar who adheres to no dogma, I believe that FATCA and such other international agreements simply add layers of bureaucracy to a problem that could be solved with an infinitesimal Financial Transaction Tax at the time of transfer of large sums. But as the chapter points out, the reform goals for the US tax code have been clear for decades, and have never been enacted by Congresses from either US corporate-controlled party. Can we really develop and implement a practical means to finance the public goods that support corporate profits without making the rich have vapors?


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