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UK Amnesty Not Leading to Disclosure of Tax Evasion in Channels. Is It “Much To Do About Nothing” ?

Posted by William Byrnes on July 22, 2015

In 2011, HMRC forecast that it would receive “billions” from the Swiss Disclosure HM_Treasury_logo.svgFacility.  In 2012, HMRC stated that this number would be 5 billion sterling, and another 3 billion sterling from the LDF.  This implies that a couple hundred thousand United Kingdom tax residents are non tax compliant by not disclosing income and income-producing assets overseas, in offshore countries.  As of that report of data up to 2012, 50,000 taxpayers had come forward through all offshore disclosure facilities, generating one billion in tax, interest, and tax penalties, thus on average 20,000 sterling per disclosure.

My tables and figures are available at International Financial Law Prof Blog.

The offshore noncompliance problem in the context of all non-tax compliance, and all taxpayers, requires first asking how many individual taxpayers file in the UK? see International Financial Law Prof Blog.

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